Armies on Parade 2019

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Last year I entered Armies on Parade for the first time, the results of which can be found here, as you will see if you read the article, I wasn't too pleased with how it was organised and all panned out. This year, I was not planning to enter, but as the date got closer, I thought […]

Warhammer Water Cooler Podcast Episode 0: The Pilot

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Welcome to the pilot episode of the Warhammer Water Cooler podcast. A relaunch and rename for Binx's Hobby Podcast. Myself, Chris, and my co-host Elliot talk Warhammer whilst building and painting miniatures. Featured in this episode: Blackout, An Age of Sigmar Matched Play Tournament Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse using Epic miniatures Eisenhorn the television series Hope […]

Review: Triple Helix Wargames App

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If you're a regular listener to Binx's Hobby Podcast you'll know that we're sponsored by Triple Helix Wargames who sell all your favourite Games Workshop products with up to 20% off RRP. If you're not a listener, you know about them now! Triple Helix have just released an app for your IOS or Android device. and allowed […]

Painting Slaanesh Daemons

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After posting pictures of my work in progress Slaanesh Daemon army, I have been asked a lot (mainly on Reddit) for my colour recipes, so this blog post will go into the colours I’ve used. All of the recipes I’ve used either follow exactly, or are based upon Eavy Metal recipes I either learnt at […]

Nineteen, N, N, N, N, Twenty Nineteen

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With thanks to Paul Hardcastle, we’ve entered another year, resolutions have been made and broken already, and the traditional Twitter posts of hobby goals for the new year have begun to appear. New hashtags have popped up in tweets as groups of like-minded hobbyists dedicate their future to a new army. So what have I […]

Looking to the Future

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It’s December which means that a lot of people have been preparing for Christmas for several months, big box deals are being released by Games Workshop and with New Year in sight, resolutions are on the horizon. I’m not a big fan of Christmas, probably a combination of my parents not embracing it and not […]