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Last Sunday I went to a 1000 point Age of Sigmar tournament at Bristol Independent Gaming. There was 14 of us, ranging from tournament regulars to new players.
I decided to take my Savage Orruks, and here is my list.

Wurrgog Prophet
Savage Big Boss
20 Savage Orruk Arrowboys
20 Savage Orruks
20 Savage Orruks
2 Big Stabbas
Kunnin Rukk

The Bonesplitterz have become the latest filth, and although I took the Kunnin Rukk, I only had 20 Arrowboyz and used the Wurrgog Prophet as my leader, so extra shots on 6's.

My first game was against Joe Shepherd's Dwarfs, which was funny as my only practice games with this army was also against Dwarfs.


This scenario was Take and Hold, which is always hard to get a major victory in, so was very likely to come down to victory points. Joe had Joseph Bugman who was 'tunelling' with some quarrelers, so instead of running my who army forward I had to keep some back to cover them taking my objective.


My first charge of the game, kind of signaled where this game was going as I rolled a double 1! This was followed up by a big miscalculation by me in regards to the victory conditions.
Once Bugman and his friends arrived infront of my army I should have abandoned my objective and concentrated on the VPs, instead I sat back and lost models faster than I could kill things.


As time ran out, I knew I had lost the game due this miscalculation, so just tried to get as many points as I could, which in the end turned out to be a massive 140 out of a possible 1000; not the best start to the day.


Game two saw my up against Adam Stones Stormcast, an army I had played against with my Nurgle Daemons at a 2000 point level a few weeks back.
The scenario this time was Border War "GHOUL PATROL!", and is was about having the mot models on each objective it was always going to be a struggle for the Stormcast.


I got first turn and grabbed the two side objectives with a unit of Orruks each and set the Arrowboys up for a rain of arrows.
Sadly, I didnt get the double turn and it didnt take long for Adam's SCE to be right on top of me, and to add insult to injury, managed to shot off my Big Boss to rid me of the extra shooting from the Kunnin Rukk.

I managed to get a good lead in the points, even managing to tag his objective for the big 4 points, but as time drew on, we found that we only had time for 3 turns. This was good for me as I got the victory, any more turns and I would probably have been wiped out and lost the game. Although I got the win, in this game I scored zero VPs.


Game three was Blood and Glory, and once again I was playing Stormcast. From the outset my opponent realised that if he spread himself out to counter my massed infantry he would in danger of losing the battle on turn 3, so decided to bunker down on one objective, try and deny me that, and hope to win on VPs


With that in mind, I tagged the objective on my left early on and abandoned it to go grab the one further up the battlefield before trying to overwhelm the heavily defended objective.
Meanwhile my opponent sent his two Drakoths into my Orruks hoping to slow them down, and with a 2+ save rerolling 1's I knew this would be a slog. Well it would have been if it wasnt for the Orruks of match, the Big Stabbas. On the turn they charged, they killed one Drakoth, and then when they died from its attacks back, they killed that one with their death thrown stabbas.


With the mini dragons out the way and 3 of the 4 objectives tagged it was an all out charge to the final scenario winning objective. With the Stormcast running out of men, I sent everything into the Judicators, eventually overwhelming the corner and eventually claiming all four objectives.


So onto the final game and I was on the heady heights of table 2 against 'The Champ' Sam Davies, who once again had Stormcast! Yes, there were only 3 SCE players at the event and I played all of them.
The final scenario was Gift from the Heavens, and Sam had a very shooty army, and a Prime.
My only hope to out shot him was to push my Arrowboys forward as far as they would go in turn 1, and hope for the double turn to get ris of as many of his Judicators as possible. And would you Adam and Eve it, thats what happend.

g4After causing a decent amount of damage with the arrows, I had to cover myself for the arrival of the Prime, so spread the rest of my army out as wide as possible. I was lucky that my comet landed on my right hand side, so was easily covered by a unit of boyz.
Sam's comet landed on his right, which made it a little easier for me to get to it and stop him from scoring.

After his Prime landed in the middle of the board, I was able to do him some damage before he wiped out my Arrowboyz, and turn his attention to the Orruks contesting his objective. With them destroyed he could look to oust me from my objective, but with time running out I retreated away from him and managed to pull off a victory.


And that was that, the event was over. I had got one loss and 3 Major victories. The final placings are below, where you'll see I managed an amazing 2nd place. Rob, who won with his Ironjawz had 4 major victories, with Joe who I played game 1, getting 3rd place.


It was a great days gaming, and I had 4 great games. The Bonesplitterz performed well, a mixture of absolute rubbish at times, and then some unbelievable dice at others.
Well done to Ben Chalk too, who picked up best painted.

Next week I'm at Age of Santa in Cardiff, which is a 5 round 2000 point 2 day tournament, where I'll be taking my Slaaneshi Daemons. Look out for a report on that next time, as long as I remember to take photos.

See you then

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