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Welcome to day one of a week of blogs linked to episode two of Binx’s Hobby Podcast. Today I will show off some of the hobby described in the episode, tomorrow I will take a look at the Blood Bowl game Elliot and I played immediately after recording, on Wednesday I will run through my Age of Sigmar Heat 2 games and on Thursday I will follow up our initial look at May’s White Dwarf with a more detailed look at Venator gangs for Necromunda.

Over the last month work has continued on my Fimir army with the ‘normal’ Fimir getting closer to being finished.

I have completed the leather on them and have almost finished their weapons, leaving just their claws, teeth and eyes to do.

Some of the skin needs a bit of touching up too, but this shouldn’t take too long. I've also started the ever so exciting basing. I can’t wait to get these complete.

When we were at the Age of Sigmar GT Heat 2 I picked up 3 Diemos Rhinos for my Deathguard, I have cleaned up all the resin, and given it a soapy bath to get rid of any remaining release agent on the resin.

I’ve almost finished building them and will paint them once the Fimir painting is done. Once these are built, my 2500 point Deathguard army will be built, ready for painting later in the year.

A few weeks ago Triple Helix Wargaming were kind enough to send me a Konflict ’47 walker, which you can see my construction review here I haven’t painted this yet, but once I managed to root out my US Armour spray I’ll be giving this a go.

I also have a game of Konflict ’47 lined up in the next couple of weeks, so will be reporting back on how than game went in a future blog.

Come back tomorrow to read my run down of the Blood Bowl final that I played against Elliot's Orcs. Don’t forget you can listen to how the games went in episode 2 of Binx’s Hobby Podcast, now on iTunes.

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