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One week ago, it was three weeks until the South Coast Grand Tournament and Gary Hennessey, from the Age of Sigbrah podcast, started the hashtag #3weekstillSCGT on Twitter to showcase his planning and progress as he fought to complete his army and scenery ready for the SCGT.

At that time I had settled on my army for the event, my Slaanesh Daemons, and was settled on the fact that I would just be taking some club scenery to the South Coast. Oh how things have changed.


Returning from Tomorrow Burns, I was ready to put the Bonesplitterz to bed for a little while and thought my Slaanesh were perfectly suited to the custom scenarios we would be playing in a few weeks time. However, after a brief chat with Sam 'The Champ' Davies, my Bonesplitterz became more and more favourable, with just a few minor tweaks from their effort in Weymouth.

Therefore my #3weekstillSCGT changed from doing nothing, to painting a standard, drum and champion's sword for my Orruks. Essentially I would be going from 2x30 Boyz, to 3x20 Boyz and needed the extra command.


Meanwhile, our club had purchased a load of new scenery and I was painting the AOS portion of it. This was a slow burner of a project and I had no intention of it being ready by the end of April, let alone SCGT. However, after posting a picture of my work in progress on Twitter with the joke hashtag #55weekstillSCGT Gary replied saying he hoped the scenery would be done for this years SCGT.


With 2 weeks to go, and a few Bank Holidays over Easter, I got renewed hope that I may be able to get the scenery done in time as well as the minimal changes to my Orruks. So today, in the beautiful sunshine I have managed to get the majority of the paint onto this big pieces of terrain.


Using tester pots from B&Q (a major UK DIY store for all you non Brits) I managed to get the Black and Brown base colours done over the sand, blue foam and cork that I had built the terrain from. Using the untypical British sunshine to speed up the drying time, I also managed to drybrush up the stone and the mud to its final stages.


With this all done faster than I had ever imagined, I now only need to paint in the details of the Realm Gates and cover the mud in static grass. This shouldn't be a problem, as I have plenty of light evenings and a 4 day Easter Weekend to crack on.


So, the scenery is ahead of schedule, just hope I don't forget to paint the Bonesplitterz!

And if you're on Twitter, dont forget to search for #3weekstillSCGT to see mine and everyone else progress.

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