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Today on the blog I have a guest post from my podcast co host Elliot. This was written prior to our last game of Warhammer 40,000 and covers his thoughts behind the T'au army he was taking against my Necrons. At the time of writing he did not know which army he would be facing, and likewise, I didn't know what his army would be.

So without further a do, over to Elliot...

I have no idea what army Chris will be bringing, but the list I have wrote is on the assumption I’ll be playing his Necrons due to his recent success with them, I could be well off, so I am taking a bit of a gamble, here’s hoping it pays off...!

My Tau lists are generally very similar, my 3 HQ choices have always been the same.
The Cadre fireblade is the perfect partner for a couple of units of fire warriors. They already get 2 shots at half range, and the fire blades ability gives them an extra one, so potentially 36 shots per unit....!

The Ethereal has a high leadership which can be used by nearby units, so again, I will keep them close to the Fire Warrior units, to save them from running away. They also have an ability they can invoke each turn, I tend to always go for the re rolling of 1’s in the shooting phase to keep my shooting reliable.

A commander in a suit is also a must. Similar to the Ethereal, it has a special ability, although this time it’s once per battle, however again, I will tend to use the re rolls 1’s to hit to units within 6” to give my suits extra reliability. He is also 2+ to hit so less reliant on the markerlights for support. I armed him with a burst cannon, a middle pod and a pulse carbine to give good strong long range shooting.

My troop choices are very simple, 3 units of 12 fire warriors, they are the staple of any Tau army and they can pump out a lot of shots, as well as this they can also support each other’s overwatch with the Tau Ability. This allows the unit being charged to overwatch as well as any unit within 6”, stacked with the fact that I am the Tau sept, it means I’m overwatching on a 5+, hopefully Chris will think twice before charging me!

My fast attack are again very simple, 2 units of pathfinders. I will camp this unit out in some terrain with good lines of sight to light up any dangerous units that may be causing me problems, I’m always looking to get the +1 to hit, but the ability for my opponent to get no benefit from cover saves is always very handy, not to mention the re rolling of 1’s. I LOVE markerlights, I think they are great and so thematic. I love the thought of an enemy unit looking down on their chest and just seeing 4 or 5 lights covering them...imagine predator!

Because I am confident I will be playing Necrons I will not be taking a riptide, this is for a couple of reasons. 1. I know how devastating his doomsday arch can be, so I don’t want to put a lot of points into a unit that could potentially go down turn 1 with some good Necron shooting, 2. this also gives me the ability to have more suits on the table, so with this in mind I used the points saved from the riptide and added another broadside. I would take two, both with missiles, but this time I will add a third and give him the famous rail rifle and hope I can pop some critical units from the other side of the board, as mentioned I also will have two with high yield middle pods, and smart middle systems, this gives them 16 missile shots each!

Finally I will be taking 9 suits with various weaponry to drop behind enemy lines on turn two (using the beta rules) to give those robots something to think about when it comes to shooting, typically I only ever take 3 suits, so I’m excited about the prospect of 3 units of 3 as well as a commander dropping down and causing some mayhem in behind

This will be my forth game with my new Tau book and I’m really starting to get a feel for them and starting to see where my strongest lost would be. I’ve not even gone into detail about the strategy cards I will be using, or the relics I chose, but hopefully this list can perform on the night.

Well there are Elliot's pre game thoughts, come back on Thursday for a report on how the game went.

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