Warhammer 40,000 Open War Report: Necrons vs T’au

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On Tuesday, my opponent Elliot spoke about the T’au army he used against my Necrons in our latest game of Warhammer 40,000. I have previously spoken about my favourite Necron units, so below I will outline how our game went, the highlights and the events that made us both lament the army each other were using.

We played a 2000 point matched play game, but decided to use the Open War cards to generate our mission.

Our deployment was lengthways, which is usually a good thing for a long range shooting army, but for two, this could end up a being a fire fight from distance.

The Scenario was drawn and we both would get bonus VPs for taking out Heroes, Monsters and Vehicles, so far the game was looking very much like a shootout.

Our Twist was that we should draw another objective card and then have to complete them both to win. Perhaps this second objective would mix it up a bit… In short, no it didn’t, as we got The Courier, where you nominate a courier model and if it dies, then your opponent wins.

This game was going to be a big shoot out after all.

As the game played out, there wasn’t a great deal of moving, with the only exception was the Battle suits dropping in and some of the Necrons adjusting their position to get a better line of sight. The Necron Lord in Command Barge did use his Veil of Darkness right at the end of the game, for the off chance he could snipe the T’au Warlord, which didn’t work, but that was it for attempts to out manoeuvre each other.

The Tau shooting was pretty effective, with Marker lights making the large Necron units easier for the big guns to hit, but with such big units, they were never enough guns to wipe out a unit in one turn, so with the reanimation protocols they were soon back to almost full strength at the start of the next turn.

Elliot was not happy when his Broadside hit my Doomsday Ark only to find the high rolls for amount of damage we negated by the Quantum Shielding. With the 72” range of the Doomsday Ark meaning that it sat at the very back of the board, there was no chance that any small arms fire would be able to take it out. Therefore, the T’au big guns instead targeted single wound infantry, something they weren’t as efficient at killing.

The Necron shooting wasn’t that great either, despite a large amount of shots hitting the units and bigger guns, the presence of drones meant that all the high damage firepower was intercepted by them, rather than blowing the warriors of the Greater Good into pieces. With such a distance between the two forces, the lesser gauss guns weren’t able to pick off the annoying ablative shields before the high damage weapons could do their work.

In the end the victory went to the T’au as they managed to eventually wipe out some of the smaller units, where-as the Necrons struggled to do enough damage to any one single unit.  It was a shame that the Open War cards gave us such a disappointing scenario and set up, and yes we could have re-drawn, but the whole point of the cards is to give you something random, not for you to pick a mission that suits you. If we had done that we could have been there for a while coming to an set up we were both happy with.

This won’t put me off using the Open War cards again, they are a lot better than playing with the Tactical Objective cards, but that’s a story for another time (probably next week when I talk about my next game of 40k)

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