40k Battle Report: Deathwing vs Crimson Fists part four

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Welcome to the last part of my inaugural battle report. As I've said during the week, this report is a bit of an experiment and as I do more expect to see more pictures and tactical analysis.

As we enter turns four and five, the Deathwing hold an 8-4 lead over the Crimson Fist Space Marines.

Deathwing and Crimson Fists turn 4:

With targets becoming harder to come by, the Crimson Fists started to tighten the noose around the Dark Angels. The three characters at the bottom of the battlefield were the only thing most of the Crimson Fists could see. However, as there was a squad of Terminators in the ruins at the top of the battlefield who were the closest targets for most (even though they couldn't be seen) not many guns could target the Deathwing's Inner Circle.

In the Deathwing turn, not a lot happened with the remaining Terminators happy to keep out of sight whilst they had the victory point advantage.

Deathwing and Crimson Fists turn 5:

Turn five was all about the Crimson Fists wiping out the Deathwing in order to win, however with the dice gods finally deserting Simon, the only kills were the Deathwing Master and Chaplain. These kills however did grant the Crimson Fists enough victory points to give them a 9-8 lead with the Deathwing having one turn left.

In the last Deathwing turn there were no Tactical Objectives that could be claimed, however with the Librarian still hanging about on the Crimson Fist side of the battlefield, it did mean that Linebreaker was still an option and so this is what was claimed. The game ended 9-9.


I always knew that playing with Deathwing would be difficult, and combined with the random nature of the Tactical Objective cards and the need to be able to cover a lot of the battlefield, it was going to be tough. The game started off pretty well but as my numbers were shot off by great firepower, especially the Centurions, the game got harder and harder, I was lucky to get a draw.

So the Deathwing go back in their shoe box for now, I will get round to painting them one day, and I'm sure they'll make an appearance in the future, but they wont be top of the queue for a while.

Thank you for enduring my first battle report, next time expect a few more pictures later in the game, and maybe I'll use a Dictaphone to keep my notes, instead of my failing memory!

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