40k Battle Report: Deathwing vs Crimson Fists part one

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This week it’s a bit of a practice / experiment as I try to knock together a battle report.

As you’ll see, as the game went on I managed to forget to take some photos, and as you’ll read, my memory isn’t what it was.

This Battle Report  isn’t highly polished and is more of a dip of the toe into the big pool of showing off the games I play with my armies. So with that disclaimer, lets crack on.

Today I’ll look at the two armies, and deployment.

On Wednesday I played Warhammer 40,000 with my friend Simon. I took a bit of an ‘out there’ force, dragging out my Deathwing army against his Crimson Fists.

Above and below are the two army lists used, as you can see, my list was just Terminators and Dreadnoughts, whereas the Crimson Fists army was a little more rounded, favouring a lot of heavy weapons.

We rolled up a mission and deployment, getting Sealed Orders and the traditional length ways deployment. It’s been a while since I’ve played with Tactical Objective cards, but the games are always fun, even though there is a lot of luck with which cards you get and if you happen to be in the right place to achieve them. Below, the objectives are circled in red.

For my deployment I put both my close combat weapon armed Deathwing squads, Master, Chaplain, Librarian and Ancient in reserve ready to be dropped into battle and, hopefully, charge into the Crimson Fists lines. I spread out the three other Deathwing squads across the board in order to capture the objectives I may draw, and bunched the Dreadnoughts together, in order to take advantage of the XX Stratagem.

The Crimson fists managed to cover the whole battlefield, with a Predator holding one side of the board and a Whirlwind on the other. No matter where the Deathwing turned up, they would be under fire from the outset.

After deployment, we rolled for first turn, which I won, with the help of the +1 for finishing setting up first, however, the Crimson Fists managed to seize the initiative, and took first turn

The pre-match handshake took place and we were ready for war.

Tune in tomorrow for Turn 1 and 2.

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