40k Battle Report: Deathwing vs Crimson Fists part three

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Welcome to day three of my attempt to piece together a Battle Report. Yesterday the battle began as turn one, today I'll look at turns two and three.

Crimson Fists Turn 2:
After the Deathwing forces charged in to combat, the remaining engaged Crimson Fists in the middle fell back. With some tasty targets left in the middle of the board, the only other movement was from a Tactical Squad at the top of the battlefield, and the Centurions accompanied by a Lieutenant and Captain.

In the shooting phase the Deathwing in the centre were wiped out and two of the three Dreadnoughts were also destroyed. The close combat between the Tactical Squad and a close combat Deathwing squad continued.

Deathwing Turn 2:
With the Deathwing numbers dwindling, it was looking a bit bleak, but with a 4-1 lead on victory points, there was still all to play for.

One squad of Terminators still hid in the ruins at the top of the battlefield, this did have one benefit, in that they were the closest target, meaning that they protected the characters that otherwise would have been fodder for all the heavy weapons.

The Chaplain and Master joined in the ongoing combat. The Librarian used Smite to take out the Predator.
The final Dreadnought risked its existence while at the same time trying to claim the objective in the ruins.

Crimson Fists & Deathwing Turn 3:

With only a dozen Deathwing left on the battlefield, it was looking like the Crimson Fist's would spend the second half of the game mopping up the Terminators.
With the Tactical Objective cards not doing them any favours, both sides spent a Command Point to draw three new cards, in the hope that they would help them grab the lead

Any of the units that needed to move to get in to range or line of sight did so, the two Devastator squads stood still and attempted to cut down some more bone armoured warriors, but with lack of targets, only a single Terminator and a Dreadnought were removed from battle.

In the Deathwing's turn, the Chaplain, Librarian and Master all moved further way from the Dark Blue Space Marines, not only making sure that some wepaons were out of range, but also ensuring they were not the closest targets, as one untouched Deathwing squad remained in the ruins in the top right of the battlefield.

At the end of the third turn the Deathwing were still leading 8-4 in victory points and with time running out it was a case of surviving the battle and hoping the Crimson Fist's didn't have any Tactical Objectives that would gain them too many points.

Tune in tomorrow for turns four and five.


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