40k Battle Report: Deathwing vs Crimson Fists part two

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Welcome to day 2 of my experimental Battle Report. As previously advised, this whole report is a bit rough around the edges as a bit of a trial, looking towards more details reports in the future.

Yesterday I looked at the deployment of the Crimson Firsts and Deathwing, and we saw that the Fist’s got the first turn.

Crimson Fist Movement:

In the first movement phase only a handful of the Crimson Fists advanced to get in range of the available targets. The Predator closed the distance along with the Land Speeder, Centurions and one of the Tactical Squads.

Crimson Fist Shooting:

The Crimson Fist shooting phase wasn’t overly effective. Two wounds were taken off one of the Multi-Melta Dreadnoughts and the central Deathwing squad lost three of their brothers. With the XXX rule, no Battleshock tests were taken, and with that came the end of the Crimson Fist turn

Deathwing Movement:

The Venerable Dreadnoughts advance towards the objective in the craters, but couldn’t get close enough to grab the available victory points. One of the Deathwing squads, hidden in the ruins at the top of the battlefield, moved a little closer to the enemy, but remained unseen.

Once the units on the board had moved, the rest of the Deathwing teleported on to the battlefield right behind the Crimson Fist lines. With minimal room behind the enemy lines, the Terminators squeezed into a small space ready to charge the Tactical Squads and Lieutenant .

Deathwing Charging:

After the ineffective Psychic and Shooting phase out of the way, it was time for the Deathwing to charge into combat. One of the Dreadnoughts managed to get in to combat with the Landspeeder, ripping it from the sky in a flurry of Power Fist attacks.

At the back of the battlefield, both the Deathwing Close Combat squads made it in to combat, using the Masters Warlord Trait to re-roll their failed charges. While moving these charges I did realise that I had left all my characters on their own, hopefully they could avoid the incoming shooting next turn.

The Crimson First Lieutenant didn’t survive very long and the squad that charged him consolidated into the Tactical Squad near by. The other Deathwing squad managed to kill six Tactical Squad members, using their re rolls to hit and wound to take out the majority of the squad. All morale tests were passed and that was it for turn 1.

The Deathwing had achieved First Blood with the destruction of the Land Speeder. Victory Points were also achieved from the Deathwing Squad on the bottom objective and a psychic power being cast.

Tune in tomorrow for turns 2 and 3

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