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Apologies for the lack of blog last week, I didn’t have anything to really show off or talk about so thought it best to wait until this week and let you know what I’ve been up to.

So as the title suggests, I thought I’d have a look at the progress of my Death Guard army, which is progressing a lot quicker than I had expected. I have previously shown off my Plague Marines and Rhinos, today I can show you the almost finished Deathshroud and Terminators, as well as a little addition to my Rhinos.

Whilst finishing off my Rhinos I managed to get an undercoat, a couple of coats of Typhus Corrosion and a couple of dry brushes of Ryza Rust on to both squads of Terminators. The orange on both of these squads turned out to be a little too orange, so I had to apply an extra coat of Agrax Earthshade to darken the colour down, and I think they are pretty much spot on with my previously finished units.

All of the colours on these eight miniatures match those of the Plague Marines, so black pipes, purple tentacles, bone and oxidising weapons. There is a lot more cloth on these figures, so the white of these parts stands out a lot more than the couple of Plague Marines who are privy to such additions to their armour and although it seems a bit strange that a force that is so old, rusted and covered in ooze should keep their cloth in such pristine condition, I like the contrast.

The Rhinos took me several sessions over about four days to finish, the Deathshroud about the same time, whereas the Terminators were mainly done over a weekend whislt watching the Blood and Glory coverage on Warhammer TV.

As you can see I just have the bases to go, and the super vigilant of you will see that my Rhinos are now also on bases, although these aren't quite finished yet.

I’ve seen varying vehicles in Warhammer 40,000 armies on bases, mainly skimmers and fliers where their see through bases are made a lot more attractive. To tie all of my army together I decided to base up my three Rhinos and will be doing the same with Plagueburst Crawlers that will be next on my paint table.

I’m super happy with how the army is looking, it won’t win any prizes, and apologies for dodgy photos, but hopefully will look good on the table. My original plan was to get the army finished by Christmas 2018, and with only two Plagueburst Crawlers, two Drones and three characters to do, I’m very much on track.

Oh yeah, there is of course the small project of painting Mortarian too… I’m a little apprehensive about this guy, but if I stick to the colours I have already used on the rest of the army, I should be fine. Its mainly his wings that I’m scared of.

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