A look back at 2017

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Another year has come and gone, and it's that time again where we are all encouraged to look back at what 2017 gave us and look forward to the things we hope to do in 2018.

Today I will be looking back to what I got up to in 2017, so join me on a journey in to the hobby past


I attended five tournaments over the course of 2017, with a mix of results. The first one of the year was Partners in Chaos host by Gary and Andy from the Age of Sigbrah podcast, where the combination of Nurgle and Stormcast didnt work too well.


In March I went to Weymouth to play in Tomorrow Burns hosted by The Black Sun's Chris Tomlin. My Bonesplitterz fared much better this time taking three wins out of five games finishing a reasonable 29th.


April saw the the South Coast Grand Tournament in Portsmouth where approximately 200 Age of Sigmar players got it on. I once again took my Bonesplitterz, but with some horrendous priority rolls (the last roll of the weekend cost me the game) finished with only two wins over six games.


Bristol Smash came around in June, a local tournament for me, just 20 minutes from my house. I would again take the Bonesplitterz, in what would be their last outing of the year. A great first day saw me win three out of three and get to table three, but a bad day two saw me slip down the rankings to 22nd


My final tournament of the year was Blackout in Cardiff, hosted again by Chris Tomlin. With the General's Handbook only coming out a week or so prior, there was going to be a load of new armies playing the new scenarios. I took my Slaanesh, which I had managed to rejig in time, thanks to some sneaky leaks of the points ahead of release. At the end of the weekend I had won four out of five games, finishing sixth overall.


My biggest highlight of my gaming year, was being able to play on Warhammer TV against my old Games Workshop colleague Wade Pryce. I worked with Wade in GW Bristol many many years ago, and it was great to be able to see him again and play a game on Twitch. With




I haven't painted an army from start to finish this year, but due to the release of the General's Handbook 2017 and the new version of Warhammer 40,000, have been adding and rejigging my existing armies.

My Tyranid army is 'finished' and although the orange looks a lot more dirty than I would like I am happy with this Hive Fleet. I will be taking them to the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament in February.

3The never ending task of painting my Fimir continued this year, where I managed to finish the 40 Lesser Fimir and make a start on the 18 actual Fimir, I really hope to have the whole army done by the end of 2018, and maybe get them to an event if I'm lucky.


With the release of the new General's Handbook, and the addition of new Faction traits, I decided to get my Slaanesh back on the table. With the changes to points and which units were Battleline, I added a chariot and some Hellstriders to my army, which you can see below. I'm hoping to take them to the Age of Sigmar GT in April.


I have also made a start on some other projects, including things like a kit bashed Necromunda Gang, a potential Imperial force for 40k and a Death Guard army. As you can see below, I did one test piece for my Death Guard and hope to get the rest of the army done in the new year.


Well that was my 2017, for the rest of the week I'll be looking forward to the Gaming and Painting I'll be getting up to in 2018

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