A new season of Bloodbowl

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Short and sweet this week, I'm up to my neck in greenstuff and painting commissions to fund my upcoming Forge World purchase.


Time to rejoice sports fans, Bloodbowl is back! Well it never actually went anywhere, its just not been directly supported by Games Workshop for a number of years. Now, however, with a new boxed game, updated rules and new models, the world is once again going Blocking Dice crazy.


I jumped on the bandwagon and pre-ordered the new game and the Deathzone 'expansion' straight away, however, as I have so many teams from the many years of playing, I have decided to sell the teams (ones gone already); I just couldn't keep my hands off the new board, dugouts and rules.


So in two weeks I'll a copy of the new game, and will be ready to jump into a brand new season of Fantasy Football. I've been playing so much Guildball recently it will be great to return to a classic, and shout and swear a lot when I roll a 1 on the first activation of the turn.



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