A Week of Guild Ball painting

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I've been doing a lot of work with Green Stuff, Clay Shapers and Vaseline over the last few weeks, and have been doing some more today, so it was a nice change to do some painting for a change.

After last week finishing Vileswarm, this weekend I completed Veteran Graves for my Morticians.


Both Graves and Vileswarm will be in my eight man team for the forthcoming Guild Ball tournament in Taunton, Rigor Mortis which I will be attending. The Taunton guys always put a good event on, and this time there'll be 32 of us going head to head


Talking of Tournaments, this weekend was the British Championships for Guild Ball. I did sign up for this, but decided to cancel my ticket and get a refund a few weeks back. I was surprised that there was only 41 attendees at this event, especially as there was at least 60 sign ups. I find it strange that the British Championships could get such a low attendance when the recent Vengeance event had 128 players. Maybe it was because of the venue, being in Cardiff, this was long way for the majority of UK players, but such a shame for such a high profile event to be so poorly attended.img_0231

Finally for this post, have a look at original and veteran Graves. He's grown up a lot in the years, in height and bulk. Not having read the background, I don't know if this is explained, or if, as it appears is more likely, all the models are getting bigger. The Hunters are monsters compared to most other teams.

Right, back to the sculpting. Its still not ready to show off ( unless you know where to look) but I'll be sure to show it off as soon as I'm happy.

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