Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2

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Today on the blog I’ll be showing off some pictures (by some I mean a lot) from my games at the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2, which I attended in Nottingham, UK on the 14th and 15th of April. You can also hear more about this weekend by listening to episode two of Binx’s Hobby Podcast, now available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

We arrived on the Saturday morning after a 2 hour ish trip and once the doors opened, registered in Bugman’s Bar. As soon as the hall doors opened everyone checked the big screen to see which table they would be playing on and then made their way to meet their first round opponent.

I found myself on Table 23 against Matt Robertson and his Sylvaneth playing Star Strike. I hadn’t played Sylvaneth for a while, and had never faced Allerielle.

We rolled for sides etc and then Matt placed his woods and took the first turn, using the benefits of his battalion to get right in my face and get a first turn charge in to my unbuffed lines with his Kurnoth Hunters.

This put me on the back foot from turn one, but as the game moved on the dropping meteors landed in my favour and I took a commanding lead in the VP race.

As the game went on, my lines slowly dwindled and Matt started to catch me up in the victory points, eventually over taking me and taking the win.

A hard fought first game, where my dice didn’t do me any favours, and the first turn charge really hurting.

In game two I moved a few tables and faced Matt Willis on table 26 with his Sylvaneth, which also included Allerielle. In fact his list was almost identical to the list I faced in game one, except a big unti of Dryads was replaced with a Treelord (Ancient?)

This time the scenario was Scorched Earth, and much like game one, the Sylvaneth managed to get first turn, smash in to my lines and burnt two of the objectives, both scoring the maximum 3vps. After turn one I was 9-1 down in VPs, it was gong to be a long fight back, but at least I kind of knew what my opponents army did this time!

The initial charge from the Sylvaneth hadn’t been as soul destroying as the first game and I managed to get in to the rhythem of the game, making runs for the objectives, and blocking off paths so I could at least sit on them for a turn before burning. The first objective I burnt got me 2VPs, I was scoring but not fast enough.

With the time running out in turn four I had managed to take control of the two remaining objectives in Matt’s half of the board. I was 6 VPs behind so had to burn them both and get maximum results from both to force a draw.

With seconds left on the clock I rolled two dice, they bounced across the board and ended up both showing six! I had achieved the 6 VPS I needed and the game was a draw.

Note: In the heat of the moment, we had entered our result as a draw, signed our score cards and moved on. What should have happened was we should have gone down to units killed and Matt should have had a minor win.

Game three was the last game of the day, and I really needed a win to get me back in a good mood. Two Allerielles had been hard work, what horrors awaited me on table 35?

Archaon of course, under the control of Nico. I had never played against Archaon before, and more heart sunk when I saw him, but under the control of Nico, who I hadn’t played before but knew he had a good reputation for fun games, I was looking forward to a fun matchup.

The scenario was Dagger to the heart, a notorious game for only giving minor wins. Nico didn’t have a great deal of infantry on the board to start with but a bit of summoning soon changed that, with some Pink horrors, a Lord of Change and some Blue Horrors joining the show later on the game.

With a Gaunt Summoner on a Balewind vortex looking after his objective and me having no way of getting him down off it, I knew that a win was going to be impossible, so tried my hardest to protect my objective and cause as much damage as possible.

I tried to take out Archaon, but my dice were appauling, and as in the previous two games, the Slaanesh slowly began to crumble and soon enough I was down to my last few models.

Nothing I tried to do would work, and I was subject to my second (arguably third) loss of the day. Not the start I had been hoping, especially as the last time I used this army at an event I had come 6th!

Day two and I was down to 41 against Steve Smith and his mixed Order. The scenario was Duality of Death, and so characters were important. Steve had plenty of shooting, so I knew this would be another game where I might struggle unless I could eliminate his Hellstorm Rocket battery quickly.

I managed to get first turn, as we both had 11 drops, and using the Slaaneshi speed, managed to get in to combat with two units of Skinks in the first turn, and also getting all my army to at least the half way part of the board.

Steve retaliated by wiping out my Keeper of Secrets with the Hellstorm, and a Herald with the Star Fated Arrow, removing any heroes I had from my left flank.

As my Herald on Seeker Chariot racked up the points on the right flank I managed to kill the Hellstorm, reducing the changes of me being shot off the board.

Much like the previous days games, I held a lead until my army began to disappear and eventually I ran out of models, losing a close game to Steve’s beautifully painted army.

The final game of the weekend was against Nighthaunts (apologies, I didn’t make a note of my opponents name, which is a shame as if I did I could apologise for my dice finally turning hot.

This game was Battle for the Pass, and as I had a lot more models than the Undead, I felt I had a really good chance in this one.

The Nighthaunts strength is with their Spirit Hosts and the ability to inflict Mortal Wounds on a hit of 6, which is then usually buffed to make it a 5+ or even 4+ at times. Luckily for me I had plenty of -1 to hit debuffs in my army, so was able to mitigate this.

In my first turn I managed to charge 29 Daemonnettes in to a unit of 10 Hex Wraiths, one dying from Damned terrain, giving me +1 to hit and the rest of the unit getting the bonuses from Mystical, allowing me to reroll wounds. After rolling my 59 attacks, hitting on 3+ and gaining extra attacks for each 4+ rolled, rolling and rerolling my wounds, I managed to give the Nighhaunts player 44 saves to make. Unsurprisingly the Hex Wraiths were all wiped out.

As the game continued, my opponents dice were horrendous, Curse of years was cast twice and both times, it failed to do anything at the 5+ stage.

My speed and debuffs were too much for the Undead and the game was over at turn four as I took a massive unassailable lead, finally a win for me!

So the weekend was over, I had one win, one draw (read minor loss) and three losses. Not the weekend I was expecting at all, and of course I hadn’t qualified for the final. After day one I was deflated and wondering why I had bothered, but the fun fourth game and the one sidedness in my favour in game five had at least given me some joy.

The Slaanesh have been fun, but it’s time to retire them now, I’ve been playing them since the South Coast Granad Tournament 2016, so it’s about time my other armies get a run out. I’m still hoping for my Fimir to be ready for Black out in August, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

Come back tomorrow to read all about my Venator gang for Necromunda

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