AoS GT Heat 2 Warm Ups: Game One

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If you listened to last weeks podcast, you would have heard that we were rushing off to play a pre AoS GT warm up game between my Slaaneshi Daemons and Elliot's Disciples of Tzeentch. If you didn't hear it, it can be found HERE

Our Army lists were as shown below:

The scenario we rolled up was Star Strike, so with the objectives arriving in turns two and three, and being worth increasing amount of victory points, this game was all about the long game. Apart from my chariots, I deployed as far back as I could, to avoid the magic and shooting for as long as I could, but knowing the speed of the Slaanesh would mean I could still get to the objectives, where ever they appeared.

Elliot protected his Lord of Change with three Enlightened, that looked very much like Skyfires, but weren't!

With a lot of the magic out of range in turn one, only one chariot perished, and so in the Slaanesh turn one both the Seekers and the remaining two chariots sped towards the Lord of Change and Enlightened.

Bolstered by the ability to pile in and fight twice, the Seekers and the two Hellflayers were able to kill all three Enlightened and the Lord of Change in two rounds of combat.

The Hellstriders took the first objective that landed on the left flank, and the Fiends attacked the Pink Horrors. From the resulting combat some Blue Horrors were spawned, and with a bit of cheeky positioning, managed to stop the Hellstriders claiming the objective.

The Slaaneshi objective landed in the middle of their deployment zone and was then engulfed by Daemonnettes and the Keeper of Secrets. Six Skyfires and a Sorcerer tried to claim it back, but the Skyfires were wiped out.

The Tzeentch objective landed close to the first objective and the Tzeentch jump all over it. Holding on to both of these objectives gave the Tzeentch and unassailable lead, with the Slaanesh needing a maximum 15 points in their last turn to claim victory. Sadly for them this was not to be and the game ended with a 25-21 for the Tzeentch

This was a great game to play, and as we hadn't played Age of Sigmar for several months it was a learning curve and reminder too.

How will we do at Heat two of the Age of Sigmar GT? We'll reveal all on the next Podcast episode, and I will have a load of pictures to show on here in a few weeks time.

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