Bonesplitterz in Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition

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Welcome to my first blog post relating to the new version of Age of Sigmar. Today I present a two part blog post, the first part was written prior to my first game and details what I’m taking and what I hope to achieve. The second part is a post-game debrief, looking at what happened, what I liked, what I didn’t, and what changes I have in mind for my second game.
Part One: Pre first game
Written 02/07/2018
It’s time for my first game of the new version of Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar second edition, and whilst I’m still finishing off my Fimir list, I have decided to use another Destruction faction for my first game; Bonesplitterz
I haven’t used my Bonesplitterz for a very long time, so it will be good to get them on the battlefield and get a feel for the new version of Age of Sigmar. You may have seen all kinds of filthy lists being revealed on the internets, this won’t be one of them.
My inaugural AoS2 list is
Wurrgog Prophet – Squiggly War Paint, Dokk Juice, Hand of Gork or Mork
Wardokk* – Big Wurrgog Mask, Squigly Curse
Wardokk *– Mystic Waaargh Paint, Brutal Beast Spirits
30 Savage Orruk Morboys*
30 Savage Orruk Morboys*
4 Big Stabbas**
4 Big Stabbas**
10 Savage Boarboy Maniaks
Kop Rukk (made up of * units)
Teef Rukk (made up of ** units)
Quicksilver Swords
When I did my original Bonesplitterz list when the battletome came out a few years ago, my list had loads of Morboyz in it, and then when it turned out they weren’t battleline they got changed to normal Savage Orruks. Ever since they got changed to Battleline in a Bonesplitterz list I have been thinking of changing my models back and have even started to pull some of the shields off in preparation, so this seemed a good chance to give them a go and see if it was worth it.
I knew I’d be playing Tzeentch but hadn’t built my army around this so did have a great master plan ready, in fact I didn’t even know which battleplan we’d be playing. Because my list had 2 battalions and was only 1940 points, it meant I would have three command points prior to the game, so if I didn’t get to go first and the Tzeentch magic caused issues, I should be able to avoid early battleshock tests.
So with the list prepped, all I knew was that having played Tzeentch before that if I got up close and personal I would be able to beat them up pretty well in combat. I couldn’t out magic them, so would need to eliminate their casters quickly, or just try and weather the storm. With the new summoning mechanic too I would need to be ready for more units to be joining the expected small starting force. Fingers crossed!
Part Two: Post first game
Written 05/07/2018
My first game of Age of Sigmar version two is done, time to let the dust settle and have a look back at how the game went and how the Bonesplitterz performed.
We randomly rolled for the scenario and got Focal Points. In this scenario there are five objectives, each giving victory points at the end of your turn if you control them. Capturing opposite pairs of these (they are placed in a kind of cross formation on the battlefield) would grant you bonus points. From the start the large units of Orruks looked to be favourite in this kind of scenario.
As I had less drops than the Tzeentch I knew I would be going first and deployed as close as I could to the enemy, hoping to get a first turn charge or two off. I did manage to do this with one unit of Morboys, but it did take some magic and my first use of a command point to reroll their charge distance. It was then I was reminded how poor Morboys are in combat, even with their multiple attacks.
I manage to get ahead in the points race, and stayed ahead until the end of turn three where we ran out of time. I had a slender 12-11 lead at this point but only my heroes were left on the battlefield, any more turns and it was all over.
So how did the Orruks perform? Not great really.
Although I had the numbers to swarm objectives, they failed to do any significant damage, with the only real heroes being the Big Stabbas, who boosted by Brutal Beast Spirits, managed to take out a lot of Tzaangor in one round of combat.
I knew I was never going to be able to survive the Tzeentch magic, and it did cause a lot of pain. I was surprised to be able to get some early spells off, helped by deploying my casters a good distance from the Lord of Change, and even got the Quicksilver Swords on the board, where they did cause a couple of mortal wounds on the Tzaangor, wasn’t too bad for 20 points.
I used 300 points on battalions and even though they gave me those vital command points early on, and allowed me to have minimal drops when deploying, I didn’t use any of the in game benefits that they grant, going forward I will probably drop these. The choice to change my ‘normal’ Savage Orruks in to Morboyz has been put on hold as they didn’t do a lot and the only real reason to do it was to be able to use their Rukk battalion. I think I’ll get more out of sticking to basic Boyz and saving the battalion points for some more bodies on the ground.
I enjoyed the Focal Points scenario, the bonuses for opposite objectives worked really well and gave me the choice of maybe going for the far objective as I had control of my home one, or just concentrate on the flanks and maybe push for the central one. I look forward to trying another new scenario next week.
The Tzeentch summoning wasn’t too bad, I think we were both surprised at how quickly the fate points built up, and I’m sure in the hands of someone a lot more battle savvy the free units could be horrendous, but a unit of Flamers and 30 blue horrors didn’t really turn the game, and did make up for the lack of models that the Tzeentch started the game with. In fact, both armies looked quite small compared to in version one of Age of Sigmar.
Overall I had a good game, was a little sketchy on some of the Bonesplitterz rules, but am already looking at what my list will look like for next week’s game. The Morboyz are out, and I’ll be using the tried and tested Kunnin Rukk, to see if I should stop pulling the shields off my Orruks.
Come back on Thursday to see the Tzeentch commander Elliot’s pre and post-game thoughts on his Tzeentch


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