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Yesterday I looked at the events I will be and hope to be attending in 2018, today I'm going to look at the armies I hope to continue with and in some cases 'finish'


Lets start with the big one. I've been working on these guys for longer than I can remember, and last year finished the 'Lesser' Fimir, which I hope to use as Orruk Ardboyz when I get the army on the table.


I am currently fighting my way towards finishing the normal Fimir. All of their skin is done and I've made a start on the flayed skin 'clothing'. They're getting there, and hopefully with some proper commitment I can get them dome in the next few weeks.

After the normal Fimir are done its on to the Thundertusk, which is going to be one hell of a job to paint, as well as the two riders, but once its done I think its going to look awesome. That will still leave 20 'Fimirlings' and a leader of sorts to paint. Who knows, by the time I get them done Forge World may have released a proper Leader for them!


Death Guard

I've been building my Death Guard on an off since the release of the new version of Warhammer 40,000, and even painted one as a test. You can read all about this here

I still have a few things left to add to my force, but once I have everything I need in my 2000 point list, I will start painting them in one hit. With the rusty armour, I think it will be better to attack everything at the same time, and then move on to the small parts of detail which should appear consistently across the range.

I look forward to getting these guys on the table, probably in the summer!



I'm currently slowly building a custom Necromunda gang from all sorts of bits. So far I have used Adeptus Mechanicus, Genestealer Cult and Adeptus Militarum parts in the construction of my gang, and although they are a bit fiddly to fit together and will need some green stuffing, so far they are looking good.

Because I have got plenty of Chaos Cultists, in my Heretic army I can still play Necromunda, and have had fun playing it so far.



I've got one Primaris Marine primed on my painting table at the moment, which I'm hoping to paint soon. It will be in a custom colour scheme, of a Dark Angels successor chapter I am yet to name. I am planning to paint this miniature to the best of my ability, and if it looks good, I plan to make a mixed Imperium army of all the models that I would like to paint. No idea what it will be like on the battlefield, but I'm hoping it will look cool.

Talking of Dark Angels, I also have an undercoated Deathwing army that I would like to give a try on the table, whether I get round to painting it is another thing. It is made up of all old style metal miniatures, so would like to paint them in an 80's style too.


Well that's what I have planned so far for next year, but who knows what releases will appear that will jump the queue. There's already a load of great Nurgle stuff on the horizon, so my Nurgle Daemons may get some reinforcements; keep your eyes peeled and lets see together what we'll be salivating over with this year.




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