Armies on Parade 2019

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Last year I entered Armies on Parade for the first time, the results of which can be found here, as you will see if you read the article, I wasn't too pleased with how it was organised and all panned out.

This year, I was not planning to enter, but as the date got closer, I thought there was no harm in giving it a go, except this year I wasn't going to go to town on the display board, as the one I made last year for my Fimir is now just sat in my man cave getting in the way, and it unlikely to get much future use.

This year on Twitter and Instagram I am doing the #YearOfSlaanesh, where everyday I post an update on my year long project to do something Slaaneshi every day. This has mainly been my painting of my Hedonites of Slaanesh for Age of Sigmar, but has also featured some other bits and bobs. So it only seemed right that as I already had a display board, I would take my Slaaneshi Daemons to my local Games Workshop for Armies on Parade.

With what happened last year, the least I was hoping for, and obviously it depended on the other entries, was to get a chance at best painted, as I knew that my straight forward board and stock miniatures (apart from the lack of hair) was unlikely to get votes of the non hobbiests who would be voting.

This was my entry, as you can see I gathered together bigger and more exciting pieces from my army and had enough room to add 30 Daemonettes too. Hopefully this would grab the attention of the voters.

Once we were all set up, we were given voting forms, which detailed all the categories. There were some that weren't being used in store, but the ones that were used were, Best Painted, Best board, Best monster/vehicle and Best theme. This was broken down to Warhammer 40,000, of which there were 5 entries and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, of which there were 4 entries.

Here are some pictures of the other entries, and where I can remember, which ones i voted for and what won what:

This Sylvaneth display was done by a Young blood and looked really cohesive, you could see loads of work had gone in to it. If I remember correctly, this got the bronze medal overall.
This Warcry board was done by a young chap and his mum who had only been in the hobby for about a year. The paint jobs were really neat and crisp and all the miniatures, especially the albino squig looked awesome. One to look out for in the future. They got my best painted AOS vote.

A large battle scene between Skaven and Gloomspite Gits had loads, if maybe too much, going on, but did capture the madness these two forces coming together would generate.

This Chaos vs Imperium was done by a relation of the above AoS scene and you can really see they riffed off each other. Again there was loads going on on this display with mini dioramas happening all over the place.

The first of tow Ad Mech displays, again painted by a Young Blood. In the awards this this took all but one of the prizes, and also got the Silver Medal overall. I did manage to congratulate the owner in person after as he got most of my votes too. Really impressive and another one to look out for in the future if they keep up this level of work.

A cool Aeldari scene next, what it lacked in miniatures, it made up in story and this got my vote for best themed board.

The second Ad Mech board, again with some nice painting. The board reminded me of my Fimir board from last year.

And finally this massive display, complete with sound and noise. Unfortunately the sound broke after its initial rendition of a Tyranid screech, which could have been a blessing in disguise for everyone else in the store that day. I believe this was a full family effort with Mum, Dad and Kids all contributing to the painting and ideas.

So the votes were cast and then it was time for awards. Because the staff knew who had done what, all the painting votes were split between youngblood and older entrants, so they could be split for the certificates. It was then said that the gold, silver and bronze awards would be presented to the boards that got the most painting votes.

I was lucky enough to receive best painted Age of Sigmar board, and then to my surprise, also the gold medal for the most best painted votes overall.

When I had seen all the boards being set up, with their tall rocks, lights sounds, and much more exciting and thematic boards than mine, I thought I'd be lucky to come away with anything at all, so was concentrating on seeing which of the other entrants had the most wow factor and would grab the attention of the passing trade a shopping centre store gets, so was in a bit of shock when I got the call.

After the event was over and everyone was packing up I was approached by staff and other entrants a like to find out the recipes I had used and to praise me on my painting. I'm not great at taking praise on board, but it was really nice to get this, and I made sure that I spoke to some of the other entrants and point out the things I really liked about their displays. Did I deserve gold, I don't think so, there were boards there where people had put a lot more effort in than I did just grabbing my current army and a plain display board, but that's the way of the public vote, last year my entry took 3 years worth of work and got little attention.

I've already started planning next years entry, but much like this year, it will just be an army that I will be working on to use on the battlefield, except the board will hopefully, time permitting, have a bit more of a theme to it and have a bit more of a wow factor.

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