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Welcome to day two of my look at some really old photos I found of a trip to Warhammer World in 2001. Yesterday I looked at the full Ultramarines chapter, today its all about some of the artifacts that were on display.

Please forgive the quality of the pictures, they are scans of photographs taken over 15 years ago.

First we have a Skaven sword and shield. Pretty straight forward really and there isn’t much to be said about this. I imagine that if these were displayed in a museum in an Old World Empire city, they would either be laughed at or cause mass hysteria, as the myth of the Ratmen is generally kept away from the normal everyday civilians as to not cause unrest.

The second display case contains a Storm Bolter and a Blood Angels terminator helmet. These are pretty cool. I’m not sure if this is the same display as the one that did a tour of the retail stores. The one that came to the Bristol store has a camera in the end of the Storm Bolter and a small display in one of the eye sockets on the inside of the helmet so you could see what you were aiming at.

In the third display case is what looks like a Bolter, and the skull of a Genestealer. In the middle is what looks like some kind of purity seal or mark of honour. If you’re able to bring down a Genestealer with only a Bolt Gun, you deserve some kind of recognition.

The final display case contains an Eldar Striking Scorpion helmet and Shuriken Pistol. They both seem to be held by some kind of code locked security system. After all you cant have this kind of Xenos tech getting into anyones hands.

Next I have a couple of photos of some smaller display/gaming boards. These were both pretty cool back in the day, and don’t get me wrong they still are, but no where near the scale of awesomeness of todays boards.

Firstly there is a Tyranid infested swamp land with an Imperial flyer coming in to destroy the alien nodes. I’d love to be able to get hold of this Tyranid scenery again, if it was from Forgeworld I guess it wold be a bit expensive, but I’m sure its doable in plastic these days.

The second board would be useful today for Necromunda or Shadow Wars, I presume a lot of this scenery was scratch built, but could easily be done with actual kits these days.

My final photos for today are some old Forgeworld releases that you don’t see so much today. The larger scale Space Marines, Abaddon and a Plague Bearer.

Tomorrow, I’ll show off some more gigantic battle scenes, inclining the battle for the Emperors Palace.

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