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Last Sunday I attended my third Guild Ball tournament in Taunton, once again hosted by the guys from Trinity Wargamers club. This time called 'Rigor Mortis' aptly named because of its proximity to Hallowe'en

For this 32 player event, I once again took my Morticians. My 8 player team consisted of Scalpel, Vileswarm, Veteran Graves, Ghast, Silence, Mist, Cosset and Casket. As it turned out I used the same six players in ll my games, with Casket and Cosset only making it out of the carry case for the painting competition.

I failed to take any pictures during the games, but here goes with a quick game by game report

Game 1 was against Jai Travers and her Brewers. I've always struggled against the Brewers, seemingly unable to stop myself from getting into a fight, which I would never win. In this game I managed to stop this, and was disciplined throughout. This turned out to be a very close game, with the Brewers managing to win 12-8, just as the clock ran out. I would have been a bit quicker had Scum not missed two shots on goal.


Game 2 was against a team I had only played once before, The Hunters, fielded by Rik Travers. I knew some of the Hunters tricks, but had never faced the Bear before. I managed to pull off a first turn, first activation goal with Mist to get a quick lead, but Rik was able to pull it back and we were son at 9-9. At this things were getting tight, and it took 5most of my team to take out Zarola, and then I managed to send Scalpel into the Bear and take him out for a 12-9 win.


Game three saw me face the Brewers once again, against John Hick. This time my discipline slipped and I got into a fight was never going to win. Despite being 8-0 down at one point I did manage to put in a bit of a fight back eventually losing 12-7

Game four and this time I faced the Engineers, led by Ian James. This game started off terribly for me, with my players being shot from a great distance and being taken out by an exploding mascot. Once I'd recovered from the initial onslaught, I soon turned things around as Veteran Graves went mad and set up two Gravedigger take outs to give me a 12-6 win.


Final game was against a team I've played a lot, The Masons, led by Wes Lowther. Another great game, that unfortunately I cant remember much about. At 6-8 it was anyone's game, but I managed to escape with Scalpel out of reach of any of the Masons and in the space of two activations, took out a player and then scored a goal winning the game 12-8. Going into what would become the last turn, I was doing every thing in my power to lose the roll off for the turn.I had the home crowd plot card and need the free momentum to be able to score with my first activation of the turn. This worked, but I still needed a take out, which gave me another momentum I could use for Bonus Time


So the day was over, five very good games. In the end I finished 7th out of 32, and one place off best Mortician. This will be my last Guild Ball tournament for some time as I'm now tied up with Age of Sigmar tournaments until at least April. It will give me a chance to see what Season 3 brings, and paint up any new players that may come out for my beloved Morticians.

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