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I haven't painted a single figure in 2016! Why? I've taking part in the latest war gaming trend; I've been rebasing !

Since I started playing Age of Sigmar, I've been using my Slaaneshi Daemons army. Because these were originally built to use in Warhammer 40,000, they all had round bases already.
I've seen countless people on Twitter and Facebook converting their armies onto round bases, so I had a look at the Warhammer armies and decided to follow suit.
Because of the age of some of my models and how they were already based, I have been rebasing in two different ways. This is what I've been upto...

First up was my Nurgle Daemons. Because 99% of the army is plastic and none of the army were on slot bases, I chose to remove the sides of the bases and stick them directly on to 32mm bases.
By just removing the edges of the bases, and in some situations removing the corners of the bases, it was very easy to just glue them straight on to their new round homes.

WP_20160101_001 1

As you can see below, where the black of the round bases showed, I glued on several layers of sand to level up the surfaces, and then painted, drybrushed and added some grass to match it all together.

Since doing the figures shown in these pictures, I am currently doing the rest of my army, and 'accidently' bought one of the new Starter Armies to 'finish' off this particular army.

WP_20151227_002 1

My LIzardman army on the other hand, being a mix of metal and plastic, needed a different approach.

Rather than taking the models off their bases, or removing the edges, I made the decision to glue them straight onto wooden bases from Warbases.
This would mean that my figures would be on slightly larger bases, 35mm for the Saurus, rather than the usual 32mm, but hopefully would look as good.


Once they were on their base, I used Pound Shop filler to fill the edges of the bases, creating a slope from the top of the old base down to the edge of the new base.

Once this was dry, I used PVA glue to add sand to the filler and then, once dry again, painted the bases brown.


Once the brown was dry, a quick drybrush and some more grass, my first batch of Lizards were done.

They look really good on round bases, and unless you really make an attempt to look for them, you'd never know they were once on square bases.


Below, is my next batch of Saurus and some Razordons, firstly on their new bases and secondly with their filler applied. Next up the sand.


While I was looking through my Warhammer armies, I decided that there was no way I would ever rebase, let alone play them all.
Therefore, I have decided to keep my Slaanesh and Nurgle Daemons, my Lizards and my Savage Orcs, which means I am looking too offload my Vampire Counts.

If you like what you see below and what to give them a nice new home, please take a look at my eBay auction.

WP_20160109_005 3


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