Battle Report: Drukhari vs Ad Mech

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Welcome to part two of my look at how my Drukhari do since their new codex has arrived. In my last post I looked at the army I would be taking against Alex’s Ad Mech, today I will report back from the battlefield, how I feel the Drukhari fared, what I would do differently and what I really liked.

We randomly determined the scenario, which would see us draw three Tactical Objective cards a turn, and have to complete in that turn, before drawing three more the following turn.

The objectives were placed and then we rolled to see what deployment type we got, this time it was quarters, with a no man’s land circle of 9” radius in the middle of the battlefield.

I deployed most of my army as far back as I could, or in a position to race off and find some cover from all the Ad Mech guns that would blow my fragile Aelderi out of the sky.

I got first turn and zipped my Venoms and Raiders in to better positions and also flew my flyers to places they could try and take out some key targets. My three tactical objective cards weren’t in my favour and I was only able to claim one this turn which was objective number one. Killing the Ad Mech Warlord and forcing an enemy unit to fail a morale check was not happening.

Overall my first turn shooting was appalling, I was hitting alright but couldn’t would and when I did, did such minimal damage that it was repaired in the following Ad Mech turn.

It was then my turn to face the Imperial firepower, and there was a lot of it, but even with the re-rolls provided by Belisarius cawl the Ad Mech didn’t manage to hit too much, eventually taking the Razorwing Jetfighter out, and causing minimal damage elsewhere. When Alex tried to change the Kastelan Robot's protocol so they could fire twice as many shots, I used the Agents of Vect stratagem to quash this. He still managed to change it ready for next turn, but my plan was to not allow him to shoot much more this game.

Turn two and I got some poor cards again, I wasn’t going to be able to claim objective two, there were too many Ad Mech near the centre of the board and killing a unit in the shooting and combat phase looked unlikely.

I moved my board based units in to position and dropped both units of Scourges on to the battlefield, and also using the webway portal, placed my Wyches and Succubus behind enemy lines ready to tag the Ad Mech firepower.

With rubbish shooting for a second turn, except the Voidraven Bomber who took out two Kastelan Robots with his bomb, all I could do was charge en masse.

Virtually everything charged, the highlights being the Wracks hitting an infantry unit and then tagging the Kastelan Robots stopping them from shooting next turn.

The Wyches failed their charge, even with a reroll, which left the Succubus to run off on her own, surviving the over watch to hit the Kataphron Breachers killing one in the ensuing combat.

The rest of my combats didn’t really kill much, but I had tied up the majority of Alex’s force, so there would be hardly any shooting in the following turn.

In the second Ad Mech turn, the Kataphron Breachers pulled out of combat allowing an Eversor assassin to appear out of the shadows and charge in to combat with the Succubus. The Assassin failed to do any damage to the Drukhari warlord, and was slain with a sweep of the Archite Blade. The Assassin then blew up taking out the Succubus and claiming a cheeky Slay the Warlord.

Not much more died in the Ad Mech turn, with hardly any shooting and the devotees of the Omnissiah not known for their combat skills, the Drukhari plan had worked.

With the clock almost ticking Midnight we played a little bit of turn three, but with another round of poor cards, it was all but over for the Drukhari, already 7-1 down due to favourable Ad Mech Tactical Objectives, we called the game.

Drukhari positives

-          They’re quick, especially with the Kabal of the Flayed Skull upgrade and with the re-rolls of one when shooting ( if you remember it) they are pretty deadly

-          Massive toolbox of things to use in the game, plenty of good shooting, and loads of good combat units

Drukhari Negatives 

-          Sooo many rules to remember! I’m sure as I play more games this will be easier, but with so many Kabal or Cult rules, plus loads of Tactical objective cards, it can be hard to keep up. The plus side of using a lot of my Command Points early on was I had less to worry about later in the game

So overall , it wasn’t the best game for the Drukhari, but I have learnt some valuable lessons for next time. They will fall apart early on the game, and you can’t expect your transports and flyers to last the whole way through the battle, but while they’re alive they can pump out some awesome firepower. I look forward to giving them another go soon, but will need to look at getting some Mandrakes to get my points back up to 2000.

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2 thoughts on “Battle Report: Drukhari vs Ad Mech

  1. Looks like a fun game. I find the Drukhari to be very strong since the codex dropped. They are very fast, tough to kill and have great firepower for the most part. Plus, Agents of Vect may be the best stratagem in the game at the moment.
    Is there any chance you could make the photos bigger for your reports? They are quite small and hard to see (plus you don’t get a bigger version when you click on them).

    1. Thanks for commenting. It was a fun game, and I’ve had another one since which I’ll be reporting very soon.
      I guess you’re looking at this on a desktop, I’ll have a look at making the pictures bigger but they look fine and can be zoomed into on a phone.

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