Battle Report: Necrons vs Ad Mech

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Welcome to another battle report, this time its Warhammer 40,000, and a 1500 point matched play conflict between the Necrons and the Ad Mech.

My Necron list was as follows…

Ad Mech: Tech Priest Dominus, Datasmith, 4 Kastelan Robots, 3 Kataphron Destroyers, 2 Dunecrawlers, 5 Sicarian Infiltrators, 3 Skitarii Rangers

We rolled up the scenario and got the scenario that would involve both forces striving to control the three objectives. Normally a Troops choice would gain the upper hand when claiming the objective, but in this scenario a Character holds higher prominence and claims above all others. Also if a Character holds an objective for more than one turn, the awarded victory points increases.

We rolled for deployment type and after the Ad Mech chose their side we deployed the objectives, which ended up being equally spaced across the centre of the battlefield. The Necrons kicked off deployment and also won the roll off to go first, Initiative was not seized.

Taking first turn the Necrons began the slow slog towards the objectives, only managing to tag one of them on the left flank with the Destroyers. In the shooting phase the Overlord used his ability and a stratagem to givee both units of Tesla Cannon armed Immortals +1 to hit. Not only would this give them a BS of 2+ but would also mean that for each hit roll of a 5 or 6, this hit would become two hits. The first unit managed a whopping 38 hits with 20 shots, the second squad fairing slightly less well. Either way, the Destroyers lost two of their unit.

The Doomsday Ark warmed up, targeting the Robots scoring four hits out its five shots. All of these wounded, but one was saved. Then came the damage roll and when the dice stopped rolling, there was two sixes and a four. Two Robots died, and left one on its final wound. Alex the Ad Mech player rolled to see if the Robots exploded and rolled double 6. The resulting explosion took out some Rangers reduced the Datasmith to one wound and killed the Robot on 1 wound. Luckily for Alex he rolled  six to see if the Robot miraculously survived the explosion so was able to survive the first turn. The final Kataphron Destroyer wasn’t so lucky and went pop.

At the end of the Necron turn one it was 2-0

In the Ad Mech first turn they moved quickly forward to grab all the objectives, fearless of the masses of Necron guns they would be facing next turn. The Necron Destoryers came under heavy fire and were wiped out by a concentration of plasma weapons. In the Centre the Robots helped reduce an Immortal unit down to three. After its devastation the Doomsday Ark came under fire, but its Quantum Shielding reduced a potential 15 wounds, and destruction, down to 5, meaning it would be unleashing more pain in the next turn. At the end of turn one it was 3-2 to the Ad Mech.

In the Necrons Turn two, they continued to advance on two of the objectives, ignoring the one on their left flank which was essentially lost. The Command Barge moved on to the centre objective, surrounded by Immortals, and the Warriors and Cryptek moved towards the right objective, but not close enough to grab it. The Necron shooting was pretty ineffective in turn two, with nothing of note being destroyed. End of Necron turn two and it was 3-3

The Ad Mech needed to get both objectives, and so sent forward some Rangers in order to capture them. In the centre another squad of moved forward and attempted to pin the Lord on Command Barge and the nearby Immortals so they couldn’t unleash their firepower. Unfortunately for them, the combined power of the over watch and the unlikely prowess of the Immortals in combat killed a number of their unit, with the rest running away from a failed Leadership Test.

On the Ad Mech left flank the Infiltrators charged the warriors and Cryptek, only to lose two of their number or over watch, and in combat they failed to kill the Cryptek, the Necrons did no damage in return. With the Infiltrators moving off their objective, at the end of Turn two, the score was 5-3 to the Ad Mech.

Not much moving for the Necrons in turn three, with them concentrating fire on the remaining Ad Mech units. Wiping out the Infiltrators and Rangers. The Cryptek and his warriors jumped on the right objective and took the score to 6-5 to the Necrons.

In the Ad Mech turn three they managed to remove one squad of Immortals, but the rest of their shooting was in effective, mainly as their numbers were dwindling. With only the Dunecrawlers able to get any points it was 6-6 at the end of turn three.

With targets running out for the Necrons and two of the three objectives pretty secure, it was a short turn for the reanimated warriors. Taking out the Datasmith and one of the remaining Robots with shooting. With two characters having sat on the objectives for two and three turns respectively the score jumper to 11-6 to the Necrons.

Alex and his Ad Mech call the game there as it was obvious that they would not be able to come back from this deficit, as they would only really be able to score one point again this turn and couldn’t stop the Necrons scoring a further seven points in the fifth turn.

So, how about them Necrons. They were fun to play with, and their fire power, if you get enough fives and sixes can be devastating. The game may have turned out differently if I hadn’t bee fortunate to take out half of the Robots in the first turn and stopped their massive amount of shooting. 72 shots a turn I believe!!

I’ll definitely get the Necrons on the board again soon ,but also want to play with the Drukhari, as soon as I can decipher their many rules and permutations.

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