Blood Bowl Dwarfs

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For my final look at my Blood Bowl teams, I’m looking at my Dwarfs.

I feel these are the best painted of my converted teams, sadly I only did eleven players as they were done for a tournament where injuries and deaths were reset after each game. I would love to add to this team, but getting the bits needed to make the players and my inability to remember what colours were used, means this won’t happen.

The players were made from a range of different kits, old and new.


These guys are just metal Troll Slayers with the weapons removed, that’s it, nothing exciting to report.


Again more Warhammer troops but with the weapon removed. These are both form the newer of the plastic Dwarf regiments. The hands are actually from Imperial Guard Cadians.


The Longbeards are made from the older Dwarf plastic kit, again with Cadian hands. The shoulder pads are from the Kroot kit, part of the Tau range for Warhammer 40,000.

The Runners are made from the same kit as the Longbeards, just without the shoulder pads. The open and pointing hands are from the Cadian Heavy Weapons teams.


I have used old Warhammer Barrels, I think they were around when Siege was first released as a proper supplement.

Looking back over all the teams I have shown , you will have seen that most of them are on display bases. All but the ‘Green Bay’ human team have been mounted on photo frames, with a piece of MDF slotted in where the photo/glass would go. The MDF has holes drilled in it to fit the bases in.

The Humans, are actually mounted in a wall clock. This was on the wall of the house I was renting at the time, but wasn’t on the inventory, so I pulled it apart and put some polystyrene in the ‘face' and cut holes for the miniatures.

Well I hope you liked the Blood Bowl teams I have produced, please share any custom teams you have created, either in the comments, on Twitter or Instagram.

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