Blood Bowl Finale

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Last Wednesday, after recording episode 2 of Binx’s Hobby Podcast myself and Elliot played the final of our club’s Blood Bowl league.

We had finished third and fourth in the league, but both managed to beat the top two teams in the playoffs to reach an unlikely final. During the season my Nurgle had beaten Elliot’s Orcs twice, so confidence within the Rotters camp was high going in to this big game.

Please excuse the Plaguebearer proxying as a Bloater and a Gor pretending to be a Pestigor, the models I was going to use were forgotten by one of my club colleagues

My Nurgle got the fame and with the weather perfect for Blood Bowl, the 27,000 fans watched as a Pestigor kicked off, the ball flying towards the open arms of the Orc thrower.

Turn ones dice were not kind with both of us using re rolls early on to steady our ships. Elliot’s Orcs got the worst of it as his Troll failed to block the Beast of Nurgle, knocking himself out! We would never see him again all game as he struggled to recover from his banging headache.

The Orcs formed a makeshift cage ready for the slow trudge to the end zone, but some good moves by the Nurgle meant they were soon able to break it open, with the ball spilling on to the floor. A lot of missed catches and bouncing ball antics later and the pig skin was in the hands of the Nurgle Star Player, his three arms and two heads had become a merchandisers dream, and his 10 touchdowns in the league had helped the scions of pestilence make it to the final.

After a good turn of hitting, and the slowness of the Orcs working to their detriment, the Nurgle managed to make an escape and score the first touchdown of the game.

The Orcs received with three turns available to level the game up, and their star player Blitzer who had acquired agility 4 and  Dodge during the season grabbed the ball and made a run for the end zone. A little worried, the Nurgle tracked back in order to stop him, and some unlucky blitz rolls by the Greenskin meant that he ended up one square short of being able to equalise.

Half Time, and it remained 1-0 to the Nurgle.

The Orcs kicked off in the second half, and needing to score against the head to keep their chances of cup glory alive, gambled by overloading one side of the field and attempting a cheeky kick near the half way line. Unfortunately for them, the ball scattered off the pitch and the Pestigor on the more empty flank made a run for it.

The newly created mini cage took a beating from the Orcs, and the ball hit the floor again, however a spritely Pestigor managed a dodge, picked up the ball and after two go for its, was in the end zone for the second Nurgle touchdown. Cup glory was almost theirs.

The Orcs once again received and with time running out had to gamble their way to the end zone, but with their star blodging Blitzer  still on the field, anything was possible. The fightback began well, but then the claws of the two mutated Pestigor took hold, removing two players in two turns to tip the numbers in the Nurgle’s favour.

Another broken cage and one the clawed Pestigor managed to get hold of the ball and made a run for it. With all of the Orcs either knocked down, or looking for their severed body parts, there was not a lot the Orcs could do to stop the third score going in and with three turns still to play, the score was 3-0.

And that was it, the pyro and confetti was set off and we had new club champions. After finishing fourth with an up and down season, this was not the ending I was expecting, but I am over the moon with this win. Elliot’s dice were not his friend this game, but he did well with the fate that was dealt to him.

We have a 3 month Blood Bowl break now and then we will be beginning our stunty league, where we’ll be using all the special play cards, home stadia, and any other crazy rules we can find. Keep an eye out for reports from what sounds like it will be a crazy season of fantasy football.

Tomorrow on the blog, I look at my games from Heat 2 of the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament.

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