Blood Bowl Goblins

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Today it’s the turn of the zany Goblins to take centre stage

I love playing Goblins, but didn’t take them for our current league as most of the submitted teams were heavy hitters like the Orcs and Dwarfs, but with a ‘Stunty’ league on the horizon in 2018, these guys will be back on the Astro Granite before you know it.

I’ve had several Goblin teams over the years, I still have the original metal ones plastered in badly painted greens and oranges. These are my most recent team and the ones that have probably had the most outings.

Made from the old Night Goblin kit, much like my Flagellant based team from Monday there hasn’t been a great deal of converting. The extras are mainly on the secret weapons.

·         The Chainsaw is from a Warhammer 40,000 Ork

·         The Bombs are balls of Green Stuff, with a Green Stuff top, and some paperclip inserted in the top. His brazier is from the Flagellant kit.

For the upcoming league I also want to add a Fanatic, so have an old metal model to paint up for next season.

The Trolls are old metal River Trolls with the weapons removed. In their place I have put most of the parts of a Night Goblin and filled the gaps with Green Stuff, that was then painted red to show what happens most of the time when you try to throw a team mate.

Talking of throwing a team mate, at one of the Blood Bowl tournaments held at Warhammer World, I did manage to score four single turn touchdowns in a row against an Ogre team who couldn’t pick up the ball. Every time they failed to pick it up, I threw a Goblin over the top, grabbed the ball and scored. Repeat this four times and you have an amazing final game of an event. It could have been five, but my amazing luck had to run out some time.

Tomorrow for my final look at my Blood Bowl teams, it’s my Dwarf team

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