Blood Bowl Nurgle

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Yesterday I showed off my Human Blood Bowl teams, today it’s the turn of my Nurgle Team.

Another team that I built and painted quite a few years ago, these were used at the last NAF tournament I attended, I can’t remember what year, but it was held at Nottingham Uni, the first year after they stopped holding tournaments at Warhammer World.


The three Bloaters all started life as the brilliant Nurgle Lord model. All three were hacked up in various ways with bits added from old mutation kit, Green Stuff guts and a spare Nurgling.


The Pestigor started life as Bestigor and all have had a bit of conversion work done to them. The hands are from Undead Zombies and shoulder pads from Warhammer 40,000 Orks.

At the event I took these to you could have one skill upgrade before the competition started, and I opted to give one of my Pestigor an Extra Arm. This was achieved by using one of the multi limbed upgrades from an old mutation sprue. Picking the ball up on a 2+ is a good start to any drive, and with minimal re rolls in a starting team, reduces the chances of them being used up in the first turn or two.

Beast of Nurgle:

Rather than use a traditional Beast of Nurgle model, I opted to use a base of Nurglings. There hasn’t been any changes to the base kit for these guys, although I have added a couple of spare Nurglings found on the kit to make the pile a little higher.

Because of his size, and the small squares on the old Blood Bowl pitch board, I also created a ‘knocked down’ and ‘stunned’ version of the Nurglings to keep the board tidy, as well as reduce the chances of breakages. These were just made from any spare Nurglings I had from the kit and from my Nurgle Warhammer army.


The Rotters are the biggest conversion ins the team.

·         The legs are from common Goblins
·         The bodies and arms from the plastic Orc kit
·         The hands are from Zombies
·         The heads are from Crypt Horrors

There is a little bit of green stuff work, and the bottom of the bodies have been cut down to fit flat on the legs, as the come with a rounded ‘ball’ joint to fit the Orc legs.

Although they are not a top tier team, I’ve enjoyed playing with these guys, there’s been plenty of times when my opponents rolling a one for Foul Appearance has happened at the right time. The only problem with using these in a league environment is that I don’t have scope to add more players, and don’t really want to build any more, so I am having to use some proxies for the final part of our season.

Tomorrow it’s time for  my Goblins

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