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I am currently in the final few games of our club Blood Bowl league, and flip flopping between 2nd and 3rd place in the league, meaning I should make it into the post season play offs. I’ll probably avoid having to play the league winner, but no doubt will have a tough semi-final game.

This week I am going to look at some of the Blood Bowl teams I have converted and painted over the last err 15 years.

Today it’s my two Human teams:

Stirland Blitz

This team actually appeared in (well on the back cover) the Blood Bowl magazine that Games Workshop produced many many years ago, but when they were in Minnesota Vikings colours, as opposed to those of the Green Bay Packers.

As you can see they are a heavily converted team with parts from many different kits. They were built back in the day when I worked for Games Workshop and was able to get bits a lot cheaper than I can today.

·         The legs are from Space Marine Assault Marines with minimal to no changes.

·         The bodies are from the Necron Destroyer kit, with the icons removed and the gaps filled with Green Stuff

·         The arms are Orks, with the hands changed to the ones from the Catachan plastics

·         The heads are ‘beaky’ Space Marine helmets with the beaks removed and the face of Catachans added. The faces have been cut from the head in a similar way to how John Travolta and Nicholas Cage swapped visages in the film Face Off

·         The face masks are just pieces of paper clip bent and plugged into holes drilled in the helmets

I really enjoyed building these guys, and would love to do something similar again now that my converting, green stuffing, and maybe, painting skills have improved.


Anther of my human teams (I do have another one made from Sisters of Sigmar) is made from the Flagellant kit. There isn’t really any conversions in this team, as you’d expect they have had their weapons removed but that’s it.

You may notice that both throwers are blind or blindfolded and both catchers are in stocks. I’m sure this hasn’t helped their chance of winning games, but then again if your Blitzers hats are on fire, what chance do you really have?

I actually got a painting nomination for this team at one of the Blood Bowl tournaments held at Warhammer World, and probably have the certificate somewhere in the piles of stuff in my man cave. I’m moving man caves soon, so maybe I’ll find it.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking a look at my Nurgle team, which I am currently using in our club league.

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