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Well they're finally finished* with a week to spare before the Rain of Stars tournament in Weymouth.

*apart from one boar rider

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After re-basing my 8th edition army, I didnt have a great deal to do, and with the Bonesplitterz Battletome in my hands I was able to pick out a few bits and bobs to get my army ready for their first outing at a competitive event

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I already had a number of characters, but have added two converted Wardokks, they were simple conversions, adding a head dress and a staff of skulls to a normal Savage Orruk model.

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I have two units of Morboys in my list, each 30 Orruks strong.

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And 20 (yes only 20) Arrowboys to add a little bit of shooting to my army, and just to think I was contemplating changing them to normal Savage Orruks before I go the Battletome.

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My 15 Maniaks probably wont all get to play at the same time, with 10 the more likely number.

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The one big addition to my army is increasing my Big Stabbas from two to eight. Having already built so many Oruuks, I had plenty of Big Stabbas in my bits box to add.WP_20160730_007 1

These will get run in two groups of four, to get the Teef Rukk formation bonus.

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My 2000 point list for Rain of Stars will use all but seven of the models shown, how will the do? Who knows! I'll report back in couple of weeks.

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But first I am off to Taunton for the 'Shoot better after two beers' Guild ball tournament.

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