AoS2: Bonesplitterz vs Stormcast

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Welcome to the my second look at Bonesplitterz in the new version of Age of Sigmar. Last time I took them against a Tzeentch force and was reduced to a handful of models by the end of the game. This time I faced the Stormcast.

I changed my list quite a lot from the previous game, my list can be seen here. This list only has five drops, two big units of Orruks, but only one unit of my favourites, the Big Stabbas.

We played one of the new scenarios, Better part of Valour and randomly generated which realm we would be in. This turned out to be Ghyran giving one of our Heroes an extra wound.

Once set up I got the first turn, using the Kunnin Rukk to move my Arrowboyz close enough to get some shots in the upcoming shooting phase. My magic was not so tasty, even though I did manage to get the +1 to hit on the Arrowboyz, I failed to cast Hand of Gork, so instead of throwing a unit forward I restrained from casting Chromatic Cogs and instead consolidated my position ready for next turn.

Having sat back the Stormcast couldn’t get in to combat with me in their first turn and just thinned my numbers with a few shots from the Judicators.

I won priority for the second turn, and would do so for the third turn too, buffed up my units, cast the Chromatic Cogs and charged down my left flank with a unit of 30 Boyz and the Maniaks. I held the centre with the Arrowboyz, who had the Big Stabbas sat behind them for protection.

In the combat phase I didn’t do a lot of damage, and lost minimal numbers in return, In the Stormcast turn the Boyz would get drastically reduced but would still have enough numbers to hold on. In the Stormcast half of the second turn they moved in to wipe out the Maniaks and reduce the Boyz to minimal numbers.

In Turn three I went on the offensive up the middle of the battlefield, casting Hand of Gork to make my Big Stabbas fly, who were swiftly followed by the Arrowboyz, enabling me to take and burn the Stormcast central objective. In the same turn I burnt the two of my objectives that were now open to being taken off me.

The Boyz on my left flank retreated from combat and when the counter attack from the Stormcast didn’t manage to kill them, I used a command point to make sure they didn’t flee.

I lost the priority for turn four and the Stormcast left the objective on my left and moved to protect their other flank objective, knowing that they would win if they stopped me getting near them. My left flank was very thin on the ground with Boyz so should have been under no threat. However, in the ensuing combat phase the Stormcast were unable to kill the last of the boyz, and with battleshock passed with a command point, they could still cause mischief.

My left flank was a bit clogged now with Stormcast and Bonesplitterz Boyz, so it was down to the remnants of the heavily dented Boyz unit to save the day. With the Stormcast objective unprotected, I cast Hand of Gork on them to double their movement and also allow them to fly out of combat. Also using a command point I guaranteed them a 6” run allowing them to jump on the objective and burn it giving me an 8-0 lead with the remaining two objectives held one a piece by both armies.

A victory for the Bonesplitterz!

Another interesting game with the greenskins, and another where, with the exception of the Big Stabbas, did virtually nothing in combat. I have had many suggestions to ally in a Orruk Warboss to gain extra attacks and this is looking more and more likely the best thing to do.

I am looking to stick with the Morboyz over the normal boyz as they get more attacks and the buff from the Warboss will give them even more.

The Bonesplitterz will be on the shelf for a little bit now as the Fimir are done and need a couple of practice games before Blackout on the 4th and 5th of August.

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