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At Salute I bought some 4ground Fabled Realms kits to use on my 3ft x 3ft board.
This board was originally my Guild Ball pitch, but I decided to remove the pitch lines and use it as a more generic board for games such as Malifaux, Saga etc.

I hadn't previously built any 4ground things, but had seen plenty of completed kits that had been built for the club.


The first house I built (above) was a baptism of fire as for most of the build I wished I had 3 hands. But after a bit of swearing, it all went together pretty well.

Next I built, the much easier, set of fences. These went together really well, although they weren't the most exciting pieces to do.


I next went for another house, this one comes in two parts, so you can use it as one house, or split it up to cover a bit more of the board.
This went together really well, the experience of the first building really helping me to get this kit built swiftly.


My final build was some animal crates. I only bought these to make my basket spend hit the magic £75 at Salute to get me the 10% off, but the 12 crates really will come in handy as scatter terrain on my revamped board.


Overall, these 4ground kits went together really well, and look awesome. I haven't put them all on the board yet so don't know if I will need to get any more bits.

Talking of my board, I tried to cover the lines with the left over static grass I had but this didn't work out so well, so I decided to buy some more scorched grass. The grass I got turned out to be a lot darker than I had expected, so at the moment my board is very dark. I've had to buy some more as the pot I got, even though it was massive, it couldn't cover the board.

The board as it looks at the moment is below, but expect it to look a lot better by the time I've finished it. I'll post an update, including the buildings in situ, in the next few weeks/

WP_20160501_001 1

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