Cadian Doctrines and Special Rules

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Yesterday I looked at the Cadian Background found in the new Astra Militarum codex. Today I am going to run through the Cadian specific rules found in the book.

The new codex has specific special rules for a number of 'famous' Imperial Guard regiments, including Catachans, Valhallans and of course Cadian. These extra rules add new flavours to the Guard, making each regiment subtlety different, so that when you face a certain regiment they have a look and feel that differs from when you fight a different regiment.

Lets start with the Cadian regimental doctrine. As I looked at yesterday, being born so close to the threat of Chaos means that every citizen of Cadia grows up learning to fight and is prepared to enter the long war with the arch enemy. This is represented on the battlefield by the Born Soldiers special rule, which allows all Cadian units to re-roll hits of 1 in the shooting phase, if they didn't move. As you will see in my battle report on Thursday, this is really useful on the battlefield, especially when combined with the 'Take Aim' order, which then allows infantry to re roll all misses.

The Cadian Stratagem is called Overlapping Fields of Fire. Although I never used this stratagem in my recent battle, I can see it being really good against larger enemies such as Knights, Land raiders or monstrous Tyranid creatures.
You play this card when you inflict an unsaved wound on a unit, for the rest of the phase, all other Cadians who also shoot at this unit get +1 to hit. No longer are you hoping for good dice when looking for that 4+ to hit, and combined with the Cadian doctrine, you'll be re-rolling those ones too, only those pesky rolls of two will be getting in your way.

Your Cadian heroes can wield a famous relic in to battle, inspiring their troops to a famous victory. The Relic of Lost Cadia, does just this, allowing units within 12 inches of the bearer to re roll hits and wounds of one. This is not just in shooting, where they already re-roll those ones, but also in combat too. Even more exciting is that against Chaos forces, you can re roll all misses and failed wounds.

Combine the doctrine, Take Aim order, Overlapping fields of Fire and the Lost Relic whilst targeting a Bloodthirster and once that initial wound has been caused your Infantry will be hitting on 3+ re-rolling misses and re rolling failed wound rolls. Use this on a heavy weapons squad with Las Cannons and that Daemon of Khorne wont be about for too long.

There is also a Cadian specific order available, but this is just for your Tank Commanders. Pound them to Dust allows you to re-roll the number of shots for turret weapons on your Leman Russ. Combine this with the ability to fire twice if you move under half distance, you should be reliably pumping out 7+ shots a turn; don't forget to re-roll all those 1's to hit too.

And finally if you thought one Leman Russ re-rolling all its shot amounts was bad enough, how about two? Superior Tactical Training, the Cadian Warlord trait, allows an order to be successfully placed on another unit if you are able to roll a 4+. A good roll and you'll be mowing down the enemy with ease all game long.

Well that's that for my look at the Cadian specific rules in the new Codex. Tomorrow I'll be showing off some of my miniatures, before sending most of them in to battle against the Crimson Fists.

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