Blood Bowl Dwarfs

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For my final look at my Blood Bowl teams, I’m looking at my Dwarfs. I feel these are the best painted of my converted teams, sadly I only did eleven players as they were done for a tournament where injuries and deaths were reset after each game. I would love to add to this team, […]

Blood Bowl Goblins

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Today it’s the turn of the zany Goblins to take centre stage I love playing Goblins, but didn’t take them for our current league as most of the submitted teams were heavy hitters like the Orcs and Dwarfs, but with a ‘Stunty’ league on the horizon in 2018, these guys will be back on the […]

Blood Bowl Nurgle

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Yesterday I showed off my Human Blood Bowl teams, today it’s the turn of my Nurgle Team. Another team that I built and painted quite a few years ago, these were used at the last NAF tournament I attended, I can’t remember what year, but it was held at Nottingham Uni, the first year after […]

Bloodbowl Humans

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I am currently in the final few games of our club Blood Bowl league, and flip flopping between 2nd and 3rd place in the league, meaning I should make it into the post season play offs. I’ll probably avoid having to play the league winner, but no doubt will have a tough semi-final game. This […]

Tyranid Attack

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Last week I finally 'finished' my 2000 points of Tyranids. Of course everyone knows that an army is never truly finished, and in fact I do have some other painted bits that aren't shown in this post, which when the new Tyranid Codex eventually gets released, I expect I will end up adding things to […]