Tyranid Attack

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Last week I finally 'finished' my 2000 points of Tyranids. Of course everyone knows that an army is never truly finished, and in fact I do have some other painted bits that aren't shown in this post, which when the new Tyranid Codex eventually gets released, I expect I will end up adding things to […]

A Week of Guild Ball painting

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I've been doing a lot of work with Green Stuff, Clay Shapers and Vaseline over the last few weeks, and have been doing some more today, so it was a nice change to do some painting for a change. After last week finishing Vileswarm, this weekend I completed Veteran Graves for my Morticians. Both Graves […]

Painting update

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Its been too long again, but then I haven't really had much of show off since last time. So here is some of the stuff I mentioned that I had painted in my last post, as well as something I did from start to finish today. Above you will see my newest Tyranid additions, and […]