Convention Season

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Its that time of the year, time to get out of the house and mingle with my fellow geeks.


Yesterday I went to Games Workshops Warhammer Fest. I went last year and was very disappointed, staying only for an hour or so, but this year was a whole lot better and hopefully it will be even better next year.
I spent a good 4 hours looking at the displays, the previews and talking to a number of GW designers, writers and painters, a few of which I've talked to on Twitter. Hello to Tom (@edgeblend) and James (@lagoon83) and came home excited to have a go at Warhammer Quest and the release of the new Blood Bowl.
My ogre army idea may have stopped before it could start, but it does mean I can concentrate on painting my Lord of the Rings figures and building some more Nurgle Daemons.


I've got a weekend off this week, but the following week I'm off to London Comic Con. I've been to comic cons in Birmingham and Cardiff, but decided to venture a bit further a field and visit the London show this year.
Its held in the same place as Salute, so I know how long its going to take to get there, but I look forward to see how much it differs from the 'smaller' shows I've already been to.


And finally, in the first weekend of June I'll be off to Birmingham for the UK Games Expo. I've been to the last few, and have always come home with more games looking for somewhere to live in my house. This year the size of the show is growing, with it moving from the hotel its been in for a while into a big hall.
It should be another great show and I expect to come home with less money and more boxes, I just home the jump to a bigger venue doesn't take away all the fun of the previous shows.

Wish me luck, fighting through the crowds, avoiding all the Harley Quins and being able to carry all my purchases

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