Death Guard Rhinos

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There are only a few types of miniature I don't enjoy painting, and try to avoid as much as I can, Horses, Wings and Tanks, so the Rhinos for my Death Guard army were not something I was looking forward to painting. Knowing that I have two Plagueburst Crawlers to look forward to isn't so great either.

My Rhinos include two Forgeworld kits, the Deimos upgrade kit and the Death Guard doors. These upgrades were really easy to put together, even if the diagrams were a little vague, the only issue was the doors were a little snug and needed a bit of cutting down to get them to fit.

As with the 21 Plague Marines I have already finished, I wanted these to look as if they are severely rusted with corroded weapons.

After constructing the tanks and spraying them black, I gave them two coats of Typhus Corrosion, letting the first coat completely dry before adding the second. When applying this paint, which contains little bits to give the area texture I was careful to avoid the exhausts, guns, tracks and Death Guard insignia as I wanted these not to be rusted.

The next stage was to lightly brush Ryza Rust over the areas that I had previously covered in Typhus Corrosion, I didn't need to be so precise as this paint is a lot more forgiving and can be painted over a lot easier. I should warn you that Typhus Corrosion hates brushes, so make sure you use an old brush when applying it.

I gave all three Rhinos as second light brush of Rust and then applied Stormhost Silver to the tracks, guns and exhausts. This was painted on as opposed to the usual drybrush technique as it would be shaded with ink afterwards.

Nuln oil was then applied all over the metal to give it the shade.

Once the black ink had dried, the whole of the tanks was painted with Agrax Earthshade, this gave the metal a more worn look and also darkened down the rust which was a bit too bright orange, and also bring some shade between the armour plates.

Next I painted the doors. The skull was done with Ushabti Bone which was then washed with Agrax Earthshade, and then highlighted up with Ushabti Bone, and then Bone with added white, all the way up to pure white. All the highlights were done with a really watered down mix.

The green was done the same way as the weapons on my Death Guard, starting with Caliban Green which was shaded with Nuln Oil, then highlighted with increased amounts of Ushabti Bone, with a final dot of pure Bone on the corners.

All the metal work was then hit with Nihilakh Oxide, this was painted quite liberally on the metal and then rubbed off with a piece of tissue paper, leaving traces in the crevasses and deep recesses.

The Rhinos were then ready for the scariest stage; all the chipping. Much like the Plague Marines before them, I now had to apply Stormhost Silver over the tanks to make them look battle damaged, this is where it could all go wrong. Parts of this painting were done with the edge of the brush on the edges, parts of it were applied more in a feathering fashion, I am pretty happy how they have turned out.

Finally, I applied some Nurgle's Rot so it looked like disease ridden ooze was pouring out of the less than air tight areas of the tanks. In most cases I had to do this three times so that it looked fresh and gloopy.

The Rhinos may look like they're done, but the final stage will be giving them a base. I have ordered some oval bases from Games Workshop and will be mounting the tanks on these soon, and then doing the same texture that I have done on the Plague Marines. Look out on Twitter and Instagram for pictures when these are done.

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