Deathwing: Dreadnoughts

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Welcome to day two of 1st Legion Week! Where I continue to look at the 1st Company Week!

This week I am looking at Codex: Dark Angels, and more specifically the Deathwing. Throughout the week I will be looking at the different parts of the Deathwing army on the table top, and finishing on Thursday by looking at the Relics and Stratagems available to them.

Today is all about the Dreadnoughts, which by the letter of the law aren't Deathwing, but will still be joining the rest of my Deathwing in to battle.

Venerable Dreadnought

I have three Dreadnoughts in my force, two armed with Multi-Meltas and one with Twin Lascannons. All using the base plastic kit, there haven't been many changes to the miniatures, apart from the addition of Dark Angels iconography to the top of each walker.

You may see some grass on the base already, this is only because these were painted once before but looked rubbish so have been resprayed in preparation for their make over.
Two of the Powerfist arms have Storm Bolters attached, the other one has an under-slung Heavy Flamer, just incase the enemy get too close.

Another unit in my Deathwing force that will be hitting on a 2+ in combat, they should be able to do plenty of damage when they make it in to combat. Being the only thing in my force that cannot Deep-strike on to the battlefield they may not actually get there, but if they so their strength 12 close combat weapons shouldn't have any problems causing wounds.

Finally, their Unyielding Ancient rule, gives them a 6+ save against each wound caused. Its not much but could be the save that they need to say alive in the heat of the battle.

Tomorrow I'll be looking at all the Deathwing Infantry that I'll be fielding in my army.

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2 thoughts on “Deathwing: Dreadnoughts

  1. I haven’t used my Dreadnoughts too much in 8th edition yet. As you said, the problem is making sure they get into combat to use their powerful attacks! Now that Dark Angels have access to the Stormraven, this becomes a little bit easier, but is a very expensive transport choice.

    Have you considered drilling the barrels of the multi-melta? I think it helps add to larger gun pieces such as that one.

    1. I haven’t thought of drilling out the barrels, but now you mention it, when I finally get round to painting them, I may just do that

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