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Welcome to 1st Legion Week! Welcome to 1st Company Week!

This week I am looking at Codex: Dark Angels, and more specifically the Deathwing. Throughout the week I will be looking at the different parts of the Deathwing army on the table top, and finishing on Thursday by looking at the Relics and Stratagems available to them.

Today is all about the Characters that can lead the Deathwing in to battle.

Belial / Master

As a club we don't traditionally use special characters in our armies as they have, in the past, been over powered. With the new version of 40k, we're still yet to see one on our club tables, but who knows what the future holds.

Belial with the Sword of Silence will be a monster in combat, hitting on a 2+, re rolling misses, and then against non vehicle units, will be wounding on a 2+ too. With four attacks you'd be expecting a minimum of 3 attacks to wound and with a -3 AP, you should see 3 failed saves most of the time.

My miniature is converted from the Imperial Fists Captain Lysander. His hammer has been removed and replaced with a flaming sword from the Empire Wizard Warhammer kit. His shield arm now has a Storm Bolter, and a piece of parchment or cloth to cover any converting errors.
As well as all Imperial Fist icons being removed, I have added a Dark Angel emblem to the top of his armour.

If I am not using this model as Belial, he'll be a Master in Terminator armour. Although, and rightly so, not as good in combat as his named comrade, the Master is still hitting on 2+ re rolling 1s, he'll probably be wounding on 3+ and with D3 damage from his Relic Blade, there is the potential to do as much, if not more hurt in a fight.

Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armour

Any Character that can give bonuses in combat to the units around him is a definite must for close combat Deathwing Terminators. The Chaplain does not disappoint in this regard, allowing Dark Angel units within 6" to re-roll misses in combat.
With a 4+ invulnerable save from his Rosarius he should be able to hang around against most foes. He'll probably be accompanied by some close combat Terminators, so should be hard to pick out before he escorts his fellow Deathwing in to combat.

My Chaplain hasn't really been converted, but has just had a small Dark Angel icon added to its right shoulder pad and some purity seals added to his Storm Bolter. Should his armour be black or Deathwing bone? He'll probably end up a bit of a mix.

Librarian in Terminator Armour

The only spell caster in my Deathwing force, he'll most likely be using Smite, Aversion and Righteous Repugnance as his three powers.
Aversion gives -1 to hit for an enemy unit within 24" which will make the already hard as nails Deathwing Terminators more survivable. Righteous Repugnance allows a nearby Deathwing unit to re-roll failed hit and wound rolls, with all those Power Fists on the board, any extra chances to hit are always welcome.

I haven't made an changes to the stock metal Terminator model, the only decision now is how much blue and bone the model should have on its armour. It will be a while before they get any paint so hopefully I'll make a decision by then.


That's my Deathwing characters, tomorrow I'll be looking at the bunch of Venerable Dreadnoughts that will be striding in to battle alongside them.


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