Deathwing: Stratagems

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Welcome to the final day of 1st Legion Week!

This week I am looking at Codex: Dark Angels, and more specifically the Deathwing. Throughout the week I have been looking at the different parts of the Deathwing army on the table top.

Today is all about the Strategems, Warlord Traits and other game changing upgrades the army has access too. I'll be sticking to the options that I'll be using with my Deathwing.

Warlord Trait:

With the plan of my Deathwing to drop in to the enemies lines and charge in straight away trying to cause as much damage as possible from the outset, my choice of Warlord Trait is Master of Manoeuvre.
This trait allows units within 6" of the Master  to re roll their advance and more importantly their charge rolls, making sure (hopefully) that they make it in to combat

Relics of Caliban

For my Master, I will be replacing his Power Sword with the Heavenfall Blade. This upgraded Power Sword give +2 to the users strength and increases the damage caused to D3 rather than 1. Along with the fact that it gives the user one extra attack, this means the Master should be able to put out plenty of damage with his five attacks hitting on 2+ (re-rolling 1's).


I'll only be looking at the Stratagems that will help my Deathwing, starting with Deathwing Assault. With my squads being five men in size, this will cost me 2CPs and will allow a deepstriking squad to shoot once they land. As well as then being able to shoot in the shooting phase, this will help whittle down the enemy before they charge in to combat. Nothing like four Krak missiles hitting home before the Terminators run in Chainfists ready to go!

Wisdom of the Ancients costs 1CP and will help my Dreadnoughts and units withing 6" with their hitting, allowing them to re-roll any 1's to hit

Only in Death Does Duty End isn't Deathwing specific, but for 2CPs the Master will get to attack after he is slain. Once again those five attacks will be able to make sure that the enemy feels the pain for slaying the Warlord.

For 1 CP at the start of the battle Hunt The Fallen will help the Deathwing hunt that character who has information about the fallen, giving units the ability to re-roll hits and charge distances.

Finally, another pre-battle Stratagem Inner Circle will allow Dreadnought to become a Deathwing Dreadnought. Not overly useful, but you never know.

Well that concludes my look at the Deathwing, I can't wait to get them on the battlefield, probably after the 40k GT in February, and see what they can do.

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