Deathwing: Terminators

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Welcome to day three of my week looking at the Dark Angel's 1st Company.

This week I am looking at Codex: Dark Angels, and more specifically the Deathwing. Throughout the week I will be looking at the different parts of the Deathwing army on the table top, and finishing on Thursday by looking at the Relics and Stratagems available to them.

Today is all about the infantry, and with the Deathwing it's no bog standard infantry, but Terminators

I have twenty five Terminators for my Deathwing force, all of them are the old skool metal miniatures, covered with Dark Angel and Deathwing iconography, and most importantly with the Dark Angels 1st company, feathers!

I have divided my squads in to groups of five, with three of the squads armed for ranged combat, bringing the default choice of Storm Bolters along with an Assault Cannon; you cant go wrong with six shots at strength six! Two of the fifteen Terminators have chainfists, with -4 AP and two damage for when you just have to tear open that tank.

As with most of my army I intend for these units to start the game off the board, teleporting their way onto the battlefield in the optimum position before unleashing a hail of bullets and then, if needed, charging in to combat to wipe up the remains.

My two other squads are armed for close combat, both being armed with four sets of Lightning Claws and a Single Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.
The lightning Claws will allow for re-rolls of wounds and if the Chaplain is nearby they'll be re-rolling hits too. They may only have a -2 AP, but with 9 attacks from the squad and all the re-rolls, there should be plenty of opportunity to cause some issues.

Both squads also have a Cyclone Missile launcher to help cause some damage before one or both of the squads charge in to combat. With them also deep striking in to the opposing armies lines, hopefully they should cause plenty of mischief when they arrive.

One of my Terminators has been given a Standard, and looking at the new codex, this could make him a Deathwing Ancient. In fact I have ordered another metal Deathwing Terminator, to fill the final squad when I remove the banner bearer to take up his new role.
Deathwing squads within 6" of the Ancient adds one to their attacks characteristic, so deep striking this guy with the two close combat squads will increase their chances of doing the damage they have the potential to do.

That's it for my Deathwing infantry, I look forward to finally getting them on the battlefield, and maybe even getting around to painting them too!

Tune in tomorrow when I look at the Stratagems, Warlord Traits and other Deathwing specific bonues my force can use in the war against heretics

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