Massive Battle Scenes

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Welcome to day three of my look back in to the annuls of history. I recently found a load of photographs from 2001 when I took a trip to what is now known as Warhammer World. Today I have some pictures of some of the massive displays that were on show back then.

Much like my the previous posts this week, excuse the rubbish pictures, they are just scans of 15+ years old photographs taken with a budget camera.

Dark Angels & Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar:

This Warhammer 40,000 display is quite sparsely populated in comparison to displays these days, and shows a battle between Dark Angels Space Marines, accompanied by some Adeptus Militarum, against some Dark Eldar.

From the pictures the battle appears to be taking part around a trench system on the edge of a forest. There is also a river running across the scene. Again, much like the Ultramarines Chapter display I shows on Monday this diorama is open to the elements and any prying hands. Maybe that’s why the board is not overly populated.

Undead attack on Empire City:

I first saw this display at a Games Day, it is massive and has so much going on. This diorama matches any of the ones that are on show today and has many smaller stories within the overall picture. If you look closely, somewhere in there is Buffy the Vampire Slayer fighting her way through the crowds of undead.

The whole of this coastal town has been over run, including the galleon that docked taking on supplies. Apologies to the obviously astonished young man in shot, if this is you I hope this isn't too embarrassing!

The centre of town is under siege, with the fighters of the Empire doing their best to thwart the attack from the creatures of the night.

Siege of the Emperors Palace:

This display depicts the beginning of the end of the Horus Heresy as the forces of Chaos storm the gates of the Emperor’s Palace. The forces of the Imperial Fists and Blood Angels defend the gates against Horus’s heretic forces, including massive (presumably scratch built) titans and war engines.

If you look very closely, even during the most bloody battle in the history of the Imperium, the milkman has still had time to drop off a few bottles of fresh milk outside the door.

Awe inspiring back in the early 2000’s this display isn’t really on par with the Battle for Angelus Prime that is currently in Warhammer World. As you may be able to tell from the picture, this display is actually on the floor, and again uncovered, how things have changed.

Tomorrow is the last look at my old photos, with some ‘life size’ Space Marines

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