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I don't normally play many games on my iPhone, I've downloaded a few, but usually get bored quickly or find they are sapping all my mobile data before I have chance to stop them, which means that Doomwheel from Katsu Entertainment must be doing something right for me to want to play it so much.


I first played this game at Warhammer Fest 2017 back in May, where they had the game linked up to a massive button you could press to make the Doomwheel jump. It was good fun to play, and after that I didn't really think about it anymore.

That was until I saw a tweet from Nick Bayton from the Games Workshop Community Team, mention that he was playing it and loving it. I decided that I would give it go, and after downloading it, began on my new occupation of Doomwheel operator.


After navigating the menu screen, you are given a map of regions that you can choose from, each region is home to either rival Skaven clans, tough Dwarves or crazy Orcs. You will see that in the above image 'Foul Peak' has an associated number, this is how many tokens you need to unlock the region; to start with the number is pretty low, but the more you progress the harder it is enter a new location.


The idea of the game is to get your Doomwheel to travel as far as possible, whilst smashing every foe you see and collecting as many tokens as you can on the way. The only thing you need to do to do this is make your Doomwheel jump, or double jump in Mario style, to avoid obstacles, crevasses or unbeatable enemies.


Most of the bad guys you will encounter are pretty harmless, so you can run them over without issue. Some, like a Troll or Dwarf Ironbreaker may need to be run over multiple times in order to destroy them.


One of the most irritating obstacles you will encounter is a flying piece of rock or warpstone which will land in your way when fired from deep in the distance. These usually come in threes or fours and will need skillful and timely jumps to avoid, otherwise your vehicle will take hits. Once you take enough hits, shown by the rats in the top left of the screen, your Doomwheel will stop and your run is over.


Each time you start enter a new zone, you will have three challenges to complete in order to take over the region and move on to the next. These could be as simple as traveling 1000 metres over the course of many runs, up to something more difficult such as killing 10 Gyrobombers in a single run. Its amazing how often the thing you are aiming to kill just doesn't seem to appear when you want one. Even if it is all random, or so they say!


Although each run is essentially a test of jumping skill as you negotiate the enemies, each of the three different enemies, so far, all have their own unique looking runs, and with it their own tests of skill. Will you be able to hit those jumping Dwarf Slayers without falling down a mine, will a Goblin Fanatic destroy your Doomwheel in one hit, or will you be set alight with Warpflame (see below)


As well as using tokens to unlock new regions, you can also use them to upgrade your Doomwheel. Want to add a better thruster for increased jumping height, or add more rats for more health, head over to the Workshop and spend spend spend. But make sure you have enough tokens left to unlock the next region.

If you want to brag to your friends about how many Rat Ogres you have killed or how many Eshin Assassins you have run over, you can go into the 'Things' menu option and see a running total of every enemy you bested. They are also fully 3D rendered, so spin them round for a full view of what you just splatted in the Badlands.


So it will be pretty obvious to you that I really enjoy Doomwheel. Yes its a straightforward on rails jumping fest, and I'm sure there are many games like it out there in the market place, but being a Warhammer franchised game makes it appeal to me  more than anything else out there.

I've started to add my own 'house rules' to my runs to make it a bit of a challenge as I try to gather enough tokens to unlock the next region. Try doing a run where you are only allowed to jump if not doing so would cause you damage or kill you. Try getting a really long run by killing as minimal enemies as physically possible. If you think of any other 'house rules' let me know.

Right got to go, these tokens wont earn themselves!

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