Drukhari: An Overview

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Today on the blog I will be talking about the Drukhari list I used in my most recent game of Warhammer 40,000.

I’ve had the new codex for quite a while and not got round to writing a list, as at first glance the amount of rules and sub rules for Kabal’s, Wych cults etc. has got me scratching my head. I finally found the time to have a read and came up with a list, that would take on an Ad Mech force, and today I’ll take a look at what I came up with and then on Thursday I’ll go through how the game went.

I’ve had my Drukhari/Dark Eldar ever since the range got redesigned and have played many games with them, including on Warhammer TV. My total force came to about 2200 points in 7th edition money so I was surprised (maybe I was naive) when my entire collection of miniatures only came to 1900 points in 8th edition. A quick check with my opponent and we agreed to play at this slightly weird points level.

My army ended up being three Patrol detachments, one for my Kabal, one for my Wychs and one for my Haemonculi, one of the new rules in the Codex, gives you four extra command points rather than the usual three (one per patrol) if you have three Patrols.

Here is what I took, and remember, this isn’t an optimum matched play build, this is just what I own.

Kabal of the Flayed Skull

This Kabal gives all models that can fly an increase of 3" to their maximum move, stops the enemy taking advantage of cover when shot by these flying units (or their passengers) and allows all rapid fire weapons to re-roll hits of one


9 Kalabite Warriors in a Raider

5 Incubi in a Venom

5 Incubi in a Venom

5 Scourges (2 blasters and 2 heat lances)

5 Scourges (2 dark lances and 2 haywire blasters <sp>)

Ravager with 3 dark lances

Razorwing Jetfighter

Voidraven Bomber

Wych Cult of the Red Grief

Member's of this cult can charge in the same turn the Advanced and can re-roll failed charge results

Succubus, who will be my Warlord, armed with The Blood Glaive and an increased invulnerable save of 3+ thanks to her Hyper Swift Reflexes Warlord trait

15 Wyches

6 Reaver Jetbikes

Haemonculus Coven 'Prophets of FLesh'

Member's of this cover will have a 4+ invulnerable save, rather than the usual 5+


9 Wracks with liquifier gun

At the time I didn’t know which army I would be facing but my initial plans was to keep my Scourges in the sky at deployment and use three of my seven command points to place my Wyches and Succubus in a Webway portal. The rest of my force was super quick especially with their Kabal bonuses, so I would use this advantage to grab objectives or strike into the heart of the enemy first turn. The Jetbikes would be able to move 18”, advance 8” and charge in the first turn,  so should be able to harass my opponent right from the start. I was looking forward to see what I could drop a bomb from the Voidraven on, hoping it would get a tasty target to cause carnage on.

Come back to the blog on Thursday to see how the game went, and my initial thoughts on the new Drukhari Codex and its extensive amount of rules, which I will no doubt forget!

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