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Today on the blog I’m going to take a look at the Necrons. I have only had two games using the new codex, but have already found units and combos I really like. I’ll be looking at a few of my favourites today, please feel free to comment and share  your favourite Necron combos.

Doomsday Ark

Let’s start off with this big fella. With its Doomsday Cannon having a 72” range there should never be a time when the enemy is not in reach of its destructive firepower. Anything that is in range is going to feel all kinds of hurt from its D6 Strength 10  shots, each with an Armour Piercing of -5 and causing D6 wounds. Multi wound elite infantry and light vehicles should fear this gun, and try and hide from it at all costs.

In one of my games I managed to kill three Kastellan Robots with one shot, and most recently took nine wounds off a Knight in the first turn. This is truly a Necron weapon to be feared.

Defensively it has 14 wounds and a 4+ save, which may not seem a lot, but with its massive range, opponents weapons will always struggle to get close enough to shoot it., With Quantum shielding, high damage weapons will not be as effective as your enemy hopes. For those that don’t know, with Quantum shielding, every time you take damage, you roll a D6 and if the number rolled is under the damage characteristic, then no damage is caused! Backed up by the Living Metal rule, the Doomsday Arc is tougher to kill than it may initially look.


In my first game with Necron Destroyers, they didn’t do a lot but in my most recent game they were unit of the match, taking an impressive 17 wounds off a Knight in one round of shooting. In fact out of the 75 shots they fired all game, only one missed.

With three shots each, re rolling hits of one, a unit of five will be pumping out 15 shots, with only a roll of two missing. Those hits will be strength six and with an Armour Piercing value of -3 and causing D3 damage each, these guys can mow down infantry and vehicles alike.

If you use the Stratagem 'Extermination Protocols', you can re roll all failed hits and wounds, meaning that you are very likely to be forcing your opponent to make a lot of saves. Their 10 inch move and 36 inch range means that it is also very difficult for your enemy to pin them down. Having the FLY key word also stops them getting bogged down in combat too!


I take two Crypteks in my force to spread out their buffing potential. Firstly they increase nearby units Reanimation roll from 5+ to 4+ meaning that more of your slain warriors or immortals will be coming back to haunt your enemy. This one pip change in the required roll makes a big difference when it comes to returning your army back from the dead.

Crypteks also provide a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting to units close by which will help keep those Necron Warriors with 4+ save alive that little bit longer, and this allowing you to bring back their comrades before the unit is wiped out.

I never leave home without a couple of Crypteks, who causally hide in units, blasting the occasional close enemy with their Staff of Light.

Catacomb Command Barge

I never really used a Command Barge in previous editions of Warhammer 40,000, mainly as it was classed as a chariot and the rules got a bit complicated for my little head. But now, my Warlord never travels without one.

For such an impressive model, it only has eight wounds, but because it is a character, this means that it cannot be targeted. This combined with Quantum Shielding and Living Metal, not only will it probably survive any big guns that finally get a chance to shoot it, but it will recover some of its lost wounds.

Keeping units within 12” allows the Command Barge to bestow its Wave of Command on them, giving them +1 to Advance, Charge and most importantly shoot. My favourite unit to buff with this ability is my Tesla Carbine armed Immortals. Normally their Tesla weapons hit on a 3+ with any roll of a six counting as three hits. With the +1 To hit, they are now hitting on a 2+ with any 5+s hitting three times rather than once.  From 20 shots I have managed to get 40 hits consistently!

If you use the Stratagem 'The Phaerons's Will' you can bestow Wave of Command on a second unit, meaning that both my Immortal units will be pumping out massive amounts of hits, or if the Doomsday Arc is nearby, its D6 Strength 10 shots will be hitting on a 2+, meaning that those light vehicles won’t be in your way long.

Those are four of my favourite Necron units, they have served me very well in the limited amount of games I have played. There are of course the units that haven’t done so well, like the Deathmarks and Nightbringer, but it’s early days for this force in the current edition of 40k. I still love the basic Necron Warrior and like to take units of 15+ to make it difficult for my enemy to wipe them out before they get the chance to come back again.

I’ll report back on the next time I get my Necrons on the board, but don’t forget you can hear first-hand how they perform on Binx’s Hobby Podcast, which is available now on iTunes.

Let me know about your favourite Necron unit or combo in the comments, and I’ll be sure to mention you on the podcast and let you know what I think of your choices.

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