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It's finally happened, after 22 months of concepts, buying bits, sculpting, pinning, painting, more painting and basing, my Fimir army is finally complete.

I say complete, but every wargamer knows, an army is never fully finished. With the chance of Forgeworld releasing some new Fimir in the future, I am sure I will return to them at some point. Luckily for me, I've kept detailed notes of the colours I have used.

So less words, more pictures, with some photos being better than others as I had limited time to grab some snaps this week.

First up is the Lesser Fimir, which you may have seen before as they have been finished for some time. Based off Seraphon Temple Guard (click the sculpting link above to see the process) they are the most numerous models in my army with a back breaking 40 models heavily cut up and green stuffed

Next we have the first stock model in the army, that has had no conversion work done to it at all. In fact there are only 10 models of the 81 in this army have had no additional work done to them. Here is my Fimirach Noble

My other Hero model is converted from the Seraphon Eternity Warden, with, like all the Lesser Fimir, its scales green stuffed over. The stock weapon was removed, and the arms repositioned to hold is great shamanic staff, with green stuff eye. The whole of the back of the large skull is also sculpted as in the box of skulls from Games Workshop it is just the face.

Next up are the little guys of the army, the Fimirlings. Converted from Seraphon Skinks, with the scales once again green stuffed over. They have also had their faces changed to remove their eyes and have them replaced with one central Fimir like eyeball. The weapons are a combination of the Skink spears and their hand weapons, to make them closely resemble the Baleglyph Maul's used by the Fimir.

It's the actual Fimir next, and I have three units of six to show you. Before the AoS two update the Fimir could have champions, standards and musicians, so I converted the expensive Forge World models to represent these. Sadly with the update the units no longer have access to command groups, but I still think it makes the units look cool, so they are staying, even if they have no in game benefit at the moment

The Champion in the unit has a double ended Baleglyph, I was able to do this as the two riders of the Thunderbeetle had complete weapon swaps, it does also mean I have a spare Fimir for any future projects.

The standards are made from thick Bacofoil baking trays. This foil is a lot stronger and allows you to bend it to give that cloth like feel to the banners. All but the Fimirlings have their banners glued on, so if I change my mind at any time, they can be updated.

Last but no means least is the big centre piece of the army, the Thunderbeetle. To be used as a Thundertusk in game, it is made from Allerielle's beetle, with two Fimir on top who are armed with the original Thundertusk rider's weaponry.
Since base sizes have been normalised,this model's base is too big, so when playing people who would rather it was on its designated base, I have arranged the detritus on the base to mark the outline of the 'official' base.

So that's my army, I hope you like it. After 22 months of blood, sweat and tears I'm very happy with it, but having looked at it for so long I'm able to pick out all the faults with it, so hopefully people wont see them when they see it in the flesh.

I'll leave you with my current army list, and probably the one I'll be using at Blackout on August the 4th and 5th at Firsestorm games in Cardiff. It does mean I need to paint an endless spell in a week!


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