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Sorry about the week off but the last few weeks have been a bit hectic, what with a trip to Warhammer Fest, traveling across the country to London Comicon and finally yesterday visiting the UK Games Expo.

Now that my bank balance is that much lighter, its time to crack on with the models I already own, whilst my money slowly builds up ready for the next splurge on toy soldiers.

First up is my continuing project of Nurgle Daemons. I have just finished off ten more Plaguebearers. The worry with going back to an army I had painted quite a long time ago, is getting the colours to match, but luckily I could remember how I did the Nurgle skin and the new additions fit in perfectly.


With the ten extra models finished, I can now field two units of 20 Plaguebearers. I have just started on six bases of Nurglings, and will finish off this force with three more Plague Drones and a Herald on foot.
One they are done I would like to add some other things to get it up to 100 SCGT pool points, but by the time I get round to that it will probably be more likely to be 2000 Generals Handbook points.

WP_20160605_008 1

Whilst I am close to finishing off my Nurgle, I have finally finished my Savage Orcs, or what ever they are called these days.
All now rebased on to rounds, they have a lovely nice new home too. I lined this plastic box with magnetic sheet and have puttied a magnet or two (or three or four in some cases) so that they can be transported to and round a tournament with ease.

WP_20160605_011 1

This army comes to 20 Clash points, and will probably get used for my next tournament in August.
I still want to add to this and have some ideas of how to incorporate some Ogres. I do, however, have about 100 night goblins I could rebase and use, but that will not be in the foreseeable future.

Right, would love to stay and chat, but Papa Nurgle is calling.

See you next week...



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