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Last night I played my first game of the new version of Warhammer 40,000. We decided to play a 1500 point matched play game, with the dastardly Drukhari taking on the Sisters of Battle.

My force can be seen below, as it was my first game of new 40k, I took a mixture of shooting, fighting and flying units.


My opposition can be seen below, again because it was our first game it consisted of a mixture of fire power and close combat.


We set up the battlefield for the 'Spoils of War' scenario, which would be fought over six objectives, with out in game objectives being generated from the Tactical Objective cards.


Having less units to set up meant that I got to choose if I went first or second and with the Sisters failing to seize the initiative, I thought I'd go first and try and make some dents in the Imperial battle line.

Even with a decent amount of fire power, the first turn set the tone, with my dice rolls being well below par. Even with an array of Disintegrator Cannons, Dark Lances and Splinter weapons, I only managed to kill one Arco-Flagellant and take a single wound off an Exorcist, it was not a good start.


Getting a bit carried away I ran advanced my Wyches and Succubus into the ruins in the centre of the battlefield where they came under heavy fire from the Sisters in the next set of ruins. Only a handful survived.


Having only lost one of their number, the Arco-Flagellants came running out of the ruins to try and assault one of my Raiders which contained a squad of Kabalite Warriors.


However, the swiftness of the Drukhari meant that they were intercepted by a squad of Incubi. This should have been a good fight for the Dark Eldar, however another batch of dodgy dice saw only two of these crazy killing machines die, before they took four of the Incubi down with a massive amount of attacks and a really bad morale role.


Meanwhile in the middle of the battlefield the three Penitent Engines crashed into a Venom containing the other five Incubi, it was at this point we found out how good these engines were, as they sliced the Venom to pieces and then consolidated into the Incubi and wasted them too!

As we hit turn three, the Seraphim arrived from the heavens landing in the Drukhari backfield as a Venom and the Succubus attempted to fight their way through the Sister's line. Charging the Venom in first had help soak up the overwatch fire, before the close combat specialist started to work her magic.


On the left flank, my Wracks, Haemunculus and Archon still hadn't got out of their Raider, and with one of my Tactical objectives getting me to hold objective 1, I just parked my bus on the objective, before a Rhino full of sisters with a Flamer and Heavy Flamer turned up.


After landing the Seraphim turned their attention to the Raider with the Kabalite Warriors in, and although they managed to down the transport, they didn't do so well when charging the occupants. The last Arco-Flagellant died to over watch, and once in hand to hand the Sisters struggled to do any damaged.


Finally, back on the left flank, the Archon and friends were finally out of their now destroyed Raider (no vehicles exploded in this game)  and were taking the fight to the Sisters. Meanwhile the Wracks were getting beaten up by the Rhino, the transport caused more damage to the unit than any shooting had, eventually wiping them out!


So the game was over, we called it after 4 turns, as the Drukhari were in deep trouble, and the Sisters had a big lead in victory points.

All in all a good game though, if my dice had been a lot friendlier throughout the game it may have been a bit closer, but constant misses, and countless 1's when rolling for vehicle survivors didn't help at all. The first turn and a half were a little slow as we got to know what did what, but after that the whole game flowed really well. Not having to worry about arcs of fire seemed strange at first, but came naturally in the end, especially with my Jet Fighter who was laying waste to the Sisters with its plethora of weapons.

So is 8th edition 40k any good? From one game, I can say yes it is, the game was great fun, and was much quicker to play than 7th edition was. Yes there was a little bit of rules checking, but then it was out first game, it was no where near as stop start as 7th edition as everything you really need to know is on the data sheets and not somewhere in the 250+ pages of rules.

Next week I'll be playing another game of 40k, probably with the Drukhari again, I may make a few tweaks to the list, but nothing too drastic. Having now played once, its got my mind thinking about which of my other armies I should play with, so many choices, Slaaneshi Daemons, Noise Marines, Nurgle Daemons, Imperial Guard and of course my Tyranids, which I just need to paint 3 more models to get them to 1500 points.

See you next time, where I may report on better dice rolls and a Dark Eldar victory!

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