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Over the last few days I have been looking at the Events I hope to attend this year and the Armies I will be working on. Today I look forward to the games I will be playing at the club in 2018

Warhammer 40,000

As we move through 2018, I expect to see more Codexes that I'll be adding to my collection, and therefore I'll be playing more 40k. I'm currently playing with my Tyranids in preparation for the GT, but am looking forward to getting my Death Guard and Daemons on the board this year.

At the club we are kicking off the year with a simple ladder league before restarting our campaign in the Vogen System. I've found games that have some story or meaning to them are a lot more fun, so fingers crossed we have a great start to our year of 40k.


Age of Sigmar

Only two of us at the club play Age of Sigmar, but a monthly visit to Bristol Independent Gaming will hopefully help me play some more games of AoS this year. In the short term I will be practicing ready for the GT, but after that It will be nice to get other armies on the board, especially my Fimir, but it would also be cool to get my Lizards and Nurgle out for a change too.

With the Generals Handbook 2017 introducing sieges, It would be cool to have a game of that this year too.


Blood Bowl

We're currently in the middle of a Blood Bowl league with one or two games left in the regular season before we hit the play offs. There are four places for a possible five teams, so these last few games are going to be crucial.

After we finish this league, we have a Stunty league planned, where we are going to introduce every silly rule we can, including spacial play cards, different pitches and sponsorship.
I'll be using my Goblins, and will need to paint my Fanatic and finish my Bomber before we get this league kicked off.



We've only played one game of Necromunda so far at the club, and that was great fun. This year we should hopefully get a campaign going, and fully see how the new gang development rules work.
If we start sooner rather than later I will use my Chaos Cultists, either as a Delaque gang like I did in my game, or, if they are in White Dwarf soon, I'll use them as cultists.


Everything else

As you can see, all the games I have mentioned above are Games Workshop games. I haven't really played any non GW games this year apart from the odd game with my Afghans and Cowboys. I don't see this changing much this year, but if the 2nd edition of Saga and/or Musket and Tomahawk make an appearance I will surely be giving them a go.

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