Genestealers: Episode 1 – Bases

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I worked out that I could add 16 Genestealers and a Brood Lord to get my Tyranid force up to 2000pts, and therefore I hit the online stores and got them delivered straight away. I had previously managed to sell the Poxwalkers from my Dark Imperium set, and so didn't feel bad spending the money


It's been a long time since I built a Genestealer, and man are they annoying to clean up. The building of them isn't hard work, but with so many spiky parts, they are a nightmare to de-mouldline.

I eventually got them built, and put them on their packaged bases. These look a bit small in this modern world, so after a bit of a q&a on Twitter, found that Genestealers from the Cult force come with 32mm bases, so I decided I would put mine on them too.


As with the rest of my Tyranid force, they would be based on the wreckage of Imperial vehicles, so I dived into my massive collection of bits buckets to create these. For the Brood Lord, I was originally going to have him climbing over a Space Marine bike, but whilst going through all my sprues and spares I found the dead Terminator that I think comes from the Mawloc kit.


I had imagined that the destroyed armour would come from a Dark Angels force, but this would mean that the dead Terminator would be painted bone to represent him coming from the Deathwing. Having one base a different colour to the others would looks a bit out of place, so I went with dark green on him, and therefore, the wreckages now come from an unknown dark green chapter of Space Marines.


It was after painting the armour that I remembered that I normally put sand on the bases to allow the snow to grip to something when adding it, so I sanded the bases after painting the green rather than prior to undercoating.

This hasn't really caused any problems as now that the snow has been added you cant really see the sand anyway, and any bits of brown will be covered up by the black used to paint the edges of the bases.

So the bases are finished, and now it is onto the actual models to put on them. 16 Genestealers and Brood Lord to do, shouldn't take too long, but with a planned trip away coming up (more on that soon) they may take a few weeks to finish.

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2 thoughts on “Genestealers: Episode 1 – Bases

  1. The Genestealer kit is possibly even worse than the Carnifex kit when it comes to mound lines.

    Lovely bases. I would add a little snow on the wreckage too.

  2. I’ve built three Carnifexes, these were worse!
    I normally put the snow on after the model has been attached, so once the models are on I’ll probably go back and some on the tank bits. Haven’t dry fitted them to their bases so don’t want to restrict where they can go. Keep an eye out for part 2 😉

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